Chef Rodney cooks up nothing but love for Cabrini College

By Brittany Such
October 20, 2006

Many students at Cabrini College are aware of Rodney S. Stockett, Executive Chef, District Chef, and District Safety Coordinator. Many students have a good relationship with Stockett, and consider him as a good friend, or even like family. Stockett is thoughtful, caring, creative, talented and an amazing person at heart. He is also Cabrini College’s executive chef.

Stockett has been married for almost four years, and also has two beautiful young daughters, whom are five and two years old. Stockett has his bachelor’s degree in political science from James Madison University, and is a former James Madison University football player. Stockett will receive another bachelor’s degree in hospitality and tourism, and next year he will be a college professor and participate in guest lectures.

No true executive chef feels complete without a compatible sous chef, and Sockett has a great sous chef, Bob Veasy. A sous chef is a chef ranking just below an executive chef or chef de cuisine.

The sous chef is directly in charge of production. Because the executive chef’s responsibilities require spending a great deal of time in the office, the sous chef takes command of the actual production and the minute-by-minute supervision of the kitchen staff.

“Bob overseas day to day operations of what to do, and he’s great,” said Sockett.

As direct executive assistant of the executive chef, the sous chef often shares some duties with the executive chef, such as menu planning, budgeting and ordering. Kitchens often have more than one sous chef, with each having his or her own area of responsibility, such as the banquet sous chef, in charge of all banquets, or the executive sous chef, in charge of all other sous chefs.

Stockett, takes on many roles at Cabrini and many roles within his life. Stockett, unfortunately for us, has not always been with the college though. Stockett has been with Cabrini for just about three years now, and claims he wouldn’t give it up for any of his past career experiences.

“I love it here, this is my home base/part of the deal, and I’m staying here,” said Sockett.

Stockett has previously worked for the Ritz Carlton for two and a half years, and Hotel Sofitel for two and a half years, as well. Stockett also just finished working on three episodes of his new TV show, “The Color of Food,” and Stockett and his crew are currently working on editing the footage. Stockett is the chef for and creator of the TV show, and you can check it out at:

Cabrini is not the only school that Stockett dedicates his talent too. Stockett is also a huge part of seven other northeastern colleges. These colleges are Keystone College, Mansfield University, University of New Haven (Connecticut), Hood College (Maryland), Delaware Valley College, Ursinus College and PCOM. Stockett is currently rotating the responsibility as executive chef, district chef, and district safety coordinator, at all of these locations.

“I’m here as much as I need to be, primarily morning to dinner, but not too early.” Stockett said.

Stockett is working to get students more involved, and trying to meet all the demands of student’s nutrition and taste needs. Stockett explained how students are very different compared to Ursinus students when it comes to dinner.

At Ursinus, Stockett prepares a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes because that is what the students ask for, but here at Cabrini there is a high demand for “comfort food.”

“French fries don’t count as a vegetable, and more mashed potatoes don’t either, and we have moved the “hometown” station next to the grill so students notice other foods, but we wouldn’t get rid of it. It’s an effort and I’m always open for feedback, but students can’t eat chicken fingers, and grilled cheese every night,” Stockett said.

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Brittany Such

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