Cheering success at Madness

By Jason Radka
November 4, 2005

Jerry Zurek

Cabrini “bleeds blue” as the Cavalier cheerleading squad has been trained rigorously and prepared for the much anticipated Midnight Madness. Flushed with aerial stunts and exciting cheers, the ladies take on a challenging routine that they promised should captivate students and fans all around the Dixon Center. Like the ladies say, “There’s nothing we can’t handle!”

The cheerleading squad is one of the youngest organizations on campus, since it was only created three years ago.

“It’s amazing how much the team has grown since I started it three years ago,” the founder of the Cabrini cheerleading squad, junior Marialena Interrante, said. “All the girls this year have been really dedicated. We have two long practices every week. It’s hard to practice when you’re limited in gym time. We have more girls this year and one guy and everyone comes to practice,” Interrante said.

The cheerleaders are the real deal now.

Maybe the main event for the cheerleaders to take the limelight is Midnight Madness. Midnight Madness is one of the most hyped up events during the entire school year at Cabrini. In order to satisfy the anticipation of students, the construction of a plan or strategy was needed. In apprehension, the cheerleaders have been preparing since the second week of September. As the deadline for Midnight Madness got closer and closer, practices and attendance become more and more strict. While most Cabrini students are sound asleep in their warm comfy beds, the cheerleaders are hard at work during the wee early morning hours preparing. It’s no joke, with all of the 7 a.m. practices under their belts, the cheerleaders were ready for Midnight Madness.

Captains Nicole Meyers, Megan Eller and Elena Kousisis had high hopes for the squad as the cheerleaders engage in an array of stunting, dancing and cheering to entertain the fans. Aiding the cheerleaders in their performance, a cheer mix of upbeat songs were selected in order to amplify emotions of the audience.

“We’re optimistic about our performance. We’re went out there with a bang,” captain Megan Eller said. “With cheering, dancing and tumbling, we’re excited.”

The human flashes of blue and white will be wearing their normal blue and white uniforms with pom-poms and megaphones. In addition, they will be sporting tee shirts, white shoes and shorts. Mini-megaphones were sold at the door for $4 to increase funding. The cheerleaders performed at 11:45 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 29 in the Dixon Center.

Finally, it seems as though the cheerleading squad has come a long way. With three years in the making and many more to come, the Cabrini College cheerleading squad looks to captivate their audiences and continue to build a strong foundation for future candidates and current members. Look for the cheerleading squad to host their cheers during the upcoming Varsity basketball games.

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Jason Radka

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