Cheap tricks of the Main Line

By Katie Engell Megan Kutulis
August 27, 2009

Freshmen, there are a few things you’re bound to encounter during your time at Cabrini. You’re guaranteed to wake up (or just plain skip) your 8:15 class, you’ll probably be late for class because the Jazzman’s line is longer than you thought it would be, and, without a doubt, you’ll complain that “Cabrini has nothing to do!”

Luckily for you, The Loquitur staff has been around long enough to learn the ins and outs of the Main Line. Who has the best pizza, what the cheapest place is for a pedicure, and all those other important things you couldn’t go four years without.

We’ve been in your flip-flops before, and we’re here to offer you some advice on how to get through freshmen year without using that Cabrini catchphrase.

BEST PIZZA ON THE MAIN LINE: Campus Corner. Although there are some who will vouch for the deliciousness of a Domino’s pizza, most of our staff (and the campus) can tell you that Campus Corner is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a pizza. Chances are you have a menu, since they hand out about 15 to each room, and there’s no minimum delivery charge, which isn’t the case for most chain restaurants.

CHEAPEST HAIRCUT: Hair Cuttery. There’s obviously nothing more luxurious than heading to a spa, but when you’re low on cash, you’ll appreciate the beauty of the Hair Cuttery, which promises $15 haircuts. It’s in King of Prussia, and you can get a shampoo and haircut for under $20.

BEST PLACES TO WATCH THE GAME: Chili’s and Fox & Hound. Since this is a handbook for freshmen, we have to give you some non-alcoholic places to watch the game.

Chili’s is an underrated restaurant; it has plenty of special offers every week and you can have unlimited chips and salsa, which make for good game time snacks. Another plus? It’s a pretty affordable place to go for a student budget.

Fox & Hound isn’t much pricier, although it does boast more TV’s than Chili’s. It’s more likely to draw a crowd on big game nights, but if you’re looking to talk with other sports fans, it’s the right place to go.

CHEAPEST PLACE TO BUY Groceries: Acme. There is a long-standing joke about college students and our consumption of anything noodles. And while no one will willingly turn down some Ramen, a trip to the grocery store can do wonders for your appetite.

Acme often runs 10 for $10 specials with must-haves like Dasani water bottles, popcorn, and old school Warheads.

BEST TANNING SALON: Hollywood Tans. Whenever April rolls around, a sampling of Cabrini’s female population is buzzing about one thing: tanning. If you’re looking for the best deal, Hollywood is the way to go. A three-month membership is $60 for unlimited tanning, so if you time it right, you’ll have the perfect glow right before summer.

BEST PLACES TO SHOP BESIDES THE MALL: South Moon Under, Anthropologie, and T.J. Maxx. Even though Cabrini is within close proximity of the second largest mall in the country, sometimes it gets old visiting the same old stores.

For something new that you know your friends from home won’t have in their closets, too, visit South Moon Under or Anthropologie on Lancaster Avenue. Both stores sell an assortment of handbags, shoes, and cute accessories for your dorm room. Another plus? They’re right next to each other. For cheaper buys from your favorite designers, there’s nothing better than a little retail therapy at T.J. Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross.

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Katie Engell Megan Kutulis

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