Chapel welcomes all to attend discussions

By Robert Kallwass
October 20, 2006

Father Michael Bielecki, the resident chaplin, welcomes all students to attend weekly spiritual meetings in the Bruckmann Chapel of Saint Joseph. Meetings are every Thursday night a 6 p.m. Students will meet together to discuss scriptures and their faith. These meetings were a success in the past, and now is a new year to begin meeting again.

Bielecki said that the meeting time is devoted to reviewing the coming Sunday’s readings, in order to aid in its understanding for the students and the clergy. A very interactive atmosphere helps in properly directing teachings and life lessons towards real life and spiritual attunement.

Meeting in small groups is intended to help find one’s faith, not only through education, but through the living world. Converting scriptures into real life experiences is a different approach, which for some can strengthen religion in their lives.

An informal and relaxed scene is ideal for the students that participate. This is a different environment then the usual church mass, and is directed towards a more personal level of communication. “Students are able to discuss their thoughts and ideas among themselves, as opposed to only listening to the preaching during mass,” Bielecki said.

The Sunday readings, which the meetings are focused around, are based on “The Lectionary.” Lessons from these scripture excerpts are taught during mass. They explore what the gospel preaches and its interpretation of daily life.

Discussions are designed to extract the valued lessons and how they pertain to the modern world. “Spiritual awareness is expressed so that others may find a more profound knowledge of faith,” Bielecki said.

The student view is of much value to fellow students and also to Bielecki. It provides different angles to be considered for their meaning. Students are also able to share their own experiences with or without religion and how it impacts their lives.

The spiritual meetings welcome all students with are interested in participating. According to Bielecki, meetings will help those “people who are trying to know more about their faith.”

Also students looking to deepen their knowledge of faith, seeking an understanding of spirituality, or are just curious with something on their mind, may find some answers alongside of their peers within the Chapel.

There is no mandatory attendance for these meetings, students come and go as they wish. There is a place for all ideas and open minds amongst friends and students of all age.

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Robert Kallwass

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