Changing courses

By Christina Williams
February 24, 2005

For most of us freshman year was a year to experiment and try new things. Some of us found ourselves getting into clubs and some of us found ourselves making new friends. One of the last things on our mind was probably our major and what we planned on doing with the rest of our lives.

After almost three full years here at Cabrini I am realizing that maybe I didn’t plan out my four years here as best as I could. It has nothing to do with not liking my major because I enjoy communications and luckily I have stuck with it all this time. It doesn’t have to do with waking up one morning realizing three years later I’ve been taking the wrong classes.

All it comes down to is the fact that I wish I had come to Cabrini undeclared and taken diverse courses and then picked a major. If I had taken a business class, a science class, a philosophy class, and a psychology class maybe I wouldn’t be a communications major.

I guess what I am really saying is that maybe all freshmen should come in undeclared and be advised to take a bunch of different classes to broaden their horizons. I know so many people that are juniors, seniors and those who have already graduated that say the same thing.

A close friend of mine who will graduate this year is doing an internship in her major and she realizes that she does not want to get a job in the field she has been studying for four years. Now she has no idea what she is going to do and she wishes that she had taken diverse classes to see what she really likes to do.

I sympathize with my friend in a similar but different way. Even though I came to Cabrini a communications major and I will leave with a communications degree, I am still not sure that it is the right major for me.

There must have been about four or five times where I filled out the change of major form from the registrar’s office. It isn’t that I don’t like communications I just always think what if business is suppose to be my major or what if psychology is suppose to be my major.

I feel as though if I had taken maybe a good course in each major I could have chosen what was right for me instead of something I can do, like communications. I guess what I am trying to say is freshman take all the diverse courses you can and for all of those who still aren’t sure that’s ok too.

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Christina Williams

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