Celebs in on fashion world

By Arielle Friscia
October 9, 2008

Clothing for me is not something I would call a top priority in life. I do not care about how good I look, as long as I am comfortable in what I am wearing, I like it.

With celebrities, comfort is not part of the equation of looking good. Which is probably the answer as to why every celebrity has to have a clothing line.

These days, celebrities are no longer triple threats with their singing, acting and producing. They are quadruple threats. I personally do not understand why everyone needs a clothing line just to make it in Tinsel Town.

What ever happened to just the simple old-fashioned designers like Tommy Hilfiger and shopping at the Gap? The prices of most celebrity brands are insane. If you check out rapper Pharrell’s clothing line Billionaire Boys Club and wanted to buy a pair of jeans, they are $250. Who has money to spend that much on a pair of jeans?

Clothing should be affordable and clearly most celebrities do not understand that people like college students who want to dress fashionably do not have the money to pay for their clothing. My bank account does not hold that much money to buy a jacket or a pair of shoes that costs a ridiculous amount.

The thing that amazes me most is that reality stars have easy access to coming up with their own clothing line! Then they get huge publicity for coming up with clothes to wear.

A great example I can say is Lauren Conrad from MTV’s “The Hills” and from her old school days on “Laguna Beach.” She designed a bunch of dresses and those of you who watched the Emmys know what I am thinking.

Lauren Conrad, who was on television to entertain us with her dramatic life in Los Angeles, gets her 15 minutes of fame showing off her dresses that she designed.

Now do not get me wrong, I understand there is a lot of hard work to come up with designs and producing a clothing line. I have said before I am not that knowledgeable of fashion and maybe I should not put my two cents in something I do not know much about, but you have to agree it is a bit ridiculous to want to look good and also pay too much for a piece of clothing.

There is a lot that goes into making a good fashion line. There is a lot of money that can come out of a successful clothing line. Like Sean “Diddy” Combs, who has worked hard to be where he is today. Nobody handed him anything and now he is one of the most successful businessmen in the music, fashion and business industry.

It is Diddy that we are talking about. I know from the get go that his clothing is going to be expensive. The quality of clothing has to be worth buying, right? OK so if the clothing has a great quality to it then it is worth paying my entire bank account for.

There are some stars that have made prices reasonable for any regular person to buy their product.

Sarah Jessica Parker recently came out with a new clothing line called Bitten where she has priced her clothing for reasonable amounts.

That is what other celebrities should do to make it big in the fashion line. She wanted to make a clothing line where real women could wear her clothing.

Forget all of this high-end fashion that costs too much money. Stick with the reasonably priced clothing.

No one has to tell me to not shop in a high fashion store. I am perfectly content with buying my comfortable and yet affordable clothing at the Gap or PacSun.

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Arielle Friscia

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