Celebrity Body Wraps drops inches off waistline

By Liz Garrett
March 13, 2008

Spending hours on end at the gym, trying Weight Watchers then South Beach Diet or cutting down on fatty food in general are all methods for maintaining healthy nutrition and staying fit.

What if the traditional weight loss techniques are becoming too complicated and never seem to do the trick?

Celebrity Body Wraps introduces the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap, a quick and painless way to lose those stubborn waist inches in only one hour.

Imagine losing as many as 20 inches around the waist from a procedure as simple as being wrapped up tightly in Ace bandages.

The company has taken into consideration that their claim for the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap will seem unrealistic to customers.

However, Dionne Thompson, the owner of Celebrity Body Wraps, is challenging women to put this process to the test.

The company swears that this does not involve surgery of any kind, grueling workouts or useless diets.

“If it was close to the date of an event then the waist wrap would be a good alternative, because I might not exactly have time to do a strict exercise program,” Brittany Kostman, sophomore elementary education major, said.

Getting a body wrap procedure begins with being measured in 18 different body areas, so that there is proof of the measurements beforehand. Ace bandages saturated with a warm mixture of natural minerals, are then firmly folded around the entire body.

Celebrity Body Wraps stresses that the bandages are wrapped tighter in the regions where the most inch loss is desired. The client is left enclosed in the Ace bandages for exactly one hour.

Every 20 minutes or so, the bandages are resealed with Celebrity Body Wraps’ secret mineral basting solution.

During the hour that the client is wrapped up, low-stress exercise is an option which assists in the discharge of toxins.

In no time, the Ace bandages are unraveled from the body, and the customer is measured for a second time to reveal that the bothersome inches have vanished.

“It’s going to be all about losing water weight. You still have the same number of fat cells,” Susan Fitzgerald, Cabrini’s nurse, said. “It’s only just fluid coming out in the form of sweat while you have the wrap on. I’m sure the results are noticeable, because where the Ace bandage is the most compressed will be where you lose the most fluid.”

When compared to wraps that are designed to remove the water weight from a person’s body, the Suddenly Slender Body Wrap is far superior and makes a noticeable difference.

Celebrity Body Wraps specifically makes it known that the basting solution is what can be found in the bags afterwards, and not water. The quick loss of inches has even proven to encourage people to keep up with a diet or workout program.

The wrap brings together fat cells, which has the result of a thinner waistline.

Clients repeat the procedure each month in order to help motivate them to lose more weight. This improved appearance remains for up to eight weeks. It is just the solution for looking thinner quicker for any occasion.

“It just seems that if you really feel the need to lose the inches, it’s better to do it in a productive healthy way, but I would still give it a try,” Hannah Moosvi, sophomore early childhood and elementary education major, said.

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Liz Garrett

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