CD prices to drop after RIAA lawsuits

By Staff Writer
October 23, 2003


Since the Recording Industry Association of America started cracking down on music downloaders, students are able to buy their favorite music for affordable prices. No longer will the average college student spend their last $20 on a CD. Now they can buy a CD for $12 at the mall and have enough to grab a bite to eat.

Since Wednesday, Oct. 1, the price of music CDs has dropped tremendously. Apparently, record labels such as The Universal Music Group decided to reduce the cost of their artists’ CDs to keep the consumers interested in buying CDs. With the recording industry being all about competition, other record labels had no choice but to follow.

The Universal Music Group is responsible for popular artists such as Ludacris, LL Cool J, Sublime, and many others. Ludacris’ latest CD, “Chicken and Beer,” was just releasedon Wednesday, Oct. 8, and the CD ranges from $12.99 to $14.99 at the highest. Sam Goody and Tower Records has this particular new release on sale along with Clay Aiken’s “Measure of a Man,” Mariah Carey’s “The Remixes,” which used to be uncommon for record stores only months ago. Before, music fans would have to wait a week or two until the CD went on sale to actually buy the CD for a reduced price.

For some students, prices are not the only factor that matters when buying a CD. Sophomore Joseph Mackie ordinarily gets his music from FYE or Tower Records. “They usually have a wide variety and the customer service is usually good,” Mackie said.

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Staff Writer

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