CBS news looks for answers over forged

By Kristen Catalanotto
September 23, 2004

CBS News has officially apologized for the story they did on “60 Minutes” concerning President George W. Bush’s military service. Anchor Dan Rather made a statement saying, “‘We made a mistake in judgment and for that I am sorry.” Their lead source for the entire story, Bill Bukett, admitted to lying to the CBS reporter. The network was determined to stand by the story, but after other news organizations kept questioning the validity of the documents, CBS re-examined them, according to the Washington Post.

Haiti suffers from tropical storm

The country of Haiti was hit hard by Tropical Storm Jeanne. Over 650 people are known to be dead and government officials expect the total to rise. The stormed dropped 13 inches of rain on the country and most of the damage was caused by flooding and widespread mudslides. Jeanne is expected to move into the open Atlantic Ocean and not affect the United States, according to CNN.

Stem cell topic in California

On Nov. 2 Californians will be voting on Proposition 71, which deals with stem cell research. If the proposition passes, it will allow the state spend $3 billion on various stem cell research projects. The proposition which is backed by many famous people such as Michael J. Fox and Bill Gates, would make California the largest stem cell research state in the U.S. Other places such as Singapore, Israel, South Korea and the United Kingdom have also taken steps in favor of stem cell research, according to the New York Times.

Alabama hit hard by Ivan

Many small rural communities in the state of Ala. are frustrated due to the fact that over 300,000 homes and businesses are still without power and water. They feel President Bush ignored many of the smaller towns that were hit hard by Hurricane Ivan. Their looking to the state of Ala. to make sure relief is swift, but so far they’ve met nothing but disappointment, according to CNN.

Bush feels pressure

President Bush is being criticized by his fellow Republicans for the way he has handled the war in Iraq and the aftermath that has followed. The comments from leaders in the Republican Party come after a CIA document was released citing that civil war within the country of Iraq could be a possibility in the near future, according to Reuters.

Doctors reluctant to say cancer cured

Even though many cancer patients are surviving and beating the disease, doctors are reluctant to say someone is cured of cancer. The most used saying by doctors it that someone is “in remission” or that the cancer is undetectable. Survivors are now living longer than ever and celebrities such as Lance Armstrong are bringing a lot of attention to those who were diagnosed and beat the disease, according to CBS News.

Spears ties the knot

Singer Britney Spears married her backup dancer, Kevin Federline on Saturday, Sept. 18. Just nine months ago Spears married a long-time friend, Jason Alexander. The marriage to Alexander was annulled just 55 hours later. Spears will now be a stepmother to Federline’s two young children, according to MSNBC.

Stewart to report early

Martha Stewart was ordered by a federal judge to report to prison on Oct. 8 in order to start serving her allotted time for lying about stock market selling. Stewart requested to start serving her time early. She asked to be placed at one of two “prison camps” either in Danbury, Conn. or Coleman, Fla. Stewart will serve five months in prison, but still plans to appeal her conviction, according to MSNBC.

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Kristen Catalanotto

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