Cavs slip past Marywood on home turf

By Amanda Carson
October 30, 2008

The Cabrini men’s soccer team defeated Marywood University with a 4 to 3 victory in a Colonial States Athletic Conference game Saturday, Oct. 25.

Their win at the Edith Robb Dixon Field secured an unbeaten status and advancement within the CSAC.

“They are hitting their peak for the playoffs,” Eric Burke, Cabrini Alum ’93, said of the team’s achievement.

Drizzling rain and a 62-degree temperature did not affect the Cavaliers’ playing abilities or stop fans from crowding the bleachers.

The Cavaliers gained an immediate 1 to 0 lead within the first 16 minutes, as sophomore defender Troy Allen landed a goal. Allen said, “I think the team started off well.”

The Cavaliers set up a couple of failed attempts after Allen’s goal in order to rack up the score.

With approximately 16 minutes left in the first half, a later set up, which consisted of a 60-yard kick made by Allen, was converted into a goal under the direction of sophomore forward King Saah.

Marywood’s Anthony Roma punted a direct penalty shot at a Cavalier wall force, which solidly bounced back.

Shouts from the crowd of “Not against our wall,” could be heard amid Cabrini fans.

A kick made by junior mid-fielder Brian Moran slipped through Marywood’s goalkeeper Jared El Gayeh’s hands tallying the score to 3 to 0.

Allen, again, received a credited assist.

Heightened tensions marked the game as Cabrini fans made offensive remarks towards Marywood’s Brian Wasser while Marywood sought to score.

Wasser was instructed by a referee to ignore the offensive remarks. Yet, with just a minute and 30 seconds left in the first half, Marywood gained a point. The first half closed with a score of 3 to 1.

As the second half opened and developed, Cabrini scored another goal when a wide-open shot was made by freshman defender Patrick Tobey.

An assist was credited to junior forward Justin McCall.

Hopes for an overtime revival were given to Marywood as the score came to 4 to 3.

Of their second half performance, sophomore goalkeeper Mike Viscariello said, “It was kind of an ugly win because we had a lead and then it got close. It was kind of like your team gave up on you.”

With a five-minute pressure inflicted on the Cavaliers defensive strategies, such as purposely kicking the ball out of bounds, were displayed.

With just a mere 25 seconds left on the clock, the crowd gasped as a kick just missed entry into the Cavalier goal post.

The game closed with a final score of 4 to 3.

“Once we got the lead we got too relaxed and stopped communication,” Allen said. “This eventually led to it being a close game at the end.”

Looking towards their next game junior midfielder Jason Moran said, “We wrapped up home field advantage with that win. We’re more confident now.”

Amanda Carson

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