Cavs gain early lead, hold off Widener

By Samantha Bokoski
April 16, 2009

Megan Pellegrino

The Cabrini men’s lacrosse team continued a five-game winning streak on Saturday, April 11, against local rival Widener University.

It was a bucketing downpour at the game. Umbrellas sheltered the people in the stands. With the rain pouring in their eyes and the turf being so slippery they could slide across it, the Cavaliers pulled through with a 15-11 triumph.

With six minutes left in the first of four 15-minute periods, the score was 4-2 Cavaliers. No. 13, senior Christian Burrows attempted to make a pass to a teammate but the ball ended up falling into Widener’s sticks. Widener, with a breakaway fired a shot and missed, which allowed Cabrini to take control.

With one minute left in the first period junior Casey Grugan scored for the Cabrini Cavaliers, assisted by freshman Brian Hill. Grugan’s goal made the score 5-2.

With a three-point lead in the first period, attack Hill commented on the teams unity; “I felt we played well as a team. The defense and goalie played good as a unit and I felt that the offense did a good job.”

Sophomore Paul Skulski worked well under pressure. The clock ticked down to the 25 second mark and Skulski scored; the period ended 6-2 Cavaliers.

In between the first and second period, Cabrini recognized senior Matt Conaway for scoring his 100th point in his career, and Grugan for his 200th point in his career. Grugan is only the third Cabrini lacrosse player to reach 200 points.

“I thought the team came out and played very well early in the game and then were able to hold Widener off during the next three quarters despite the terrible weather conditions,” Head Coach Steve Colfer said.

In the second period with 12 minutes left, Widener scored, but Cavaliers still held the lead, 6-3.

Grugan, with five minutes left, scored another goal for the Cavaliers, assisted by No. 17 junior Steve Kapp, making the score 8-3.

The Cavaliers spent five minutes in Widener’s territory, but no goal was made. Widener, with an overturn, took control; with 20 seconds left in the period Widener scored, still trailing by four points; 8-4 Cavaliers.

At the third period, Cabrini’s excitement for the second half continued as they banged their sticks on the bleachers and chanted for each other.

Cabrini goalie senior Kevin Chenoweth had a nice save against Widener’s first shot of the third period. Cabrini gained control of the ball.

Unfortunately, Hill dropped the ball and this led to two Widener players on him fighting for the ball, Widener re-gained control. With 11:33 left in the period, Widener scored closing the gap, 8-5.

At the beginning of the third period, Conaway broke away starting the Cavaliers with the ball. Hill passed to Conaway with 10 minutes left and scored; Cavaliers were still ahead.

Only 30 seconds later, Kapp scored making the score 10-5.

Widener scores with eight minutes left making the score 11-6. The Cavaliers were on top of their game, senior, B.J. Kletcheck with an assist from Grugan scored maintaining the gap and the score was 11-6 Cavaliers.

Boos and smart comments to the referee were loud and clear when one player of the Cavaliers was penalized for one minute for an illegal hit.

Two minutes remained when Widener made yet another goal; 11-7 closing in on the Cavaliers.

Cabrini regained control of the ball and senior Jeff Moore made a high throw, a Widener defender reached in to catch it in mid-air. With 31 seconds left Widener scores, 11-8 Cavaliers at the end of the third.

The fourth period began and fans can hear the excitement across the field from the Cavaliers, sticks still pounding bleachers, chants and supportive remarks to teammates. The Cavaliers were ready to finalize the win against their rival.

“We as a team made sure that everyone on the sidelines were pumped and making some noise for the guys out on the field and I think that gave us a momentum edge over Widener,” history and political science major Bryan Churchey said.

Within a minute of the period, Cabrini was off to a good start.Grugan passed to Hill for a 12-8 lead.

The goals continued back and forth between the two teams. With eight minutes left, Widener scored making the score 12-9.

Senior Scott Reimer, made a goal for the Cavaliers making the score 13-9. With no more than a minute later, Kletcheck made another goal for Cabrini and made the gap even bigger, 14-9.

Nearing the end of the game, the Cavaliers did not let up; sophomore Dan Terenick made the final goal for Cabrini. The score was 15-9.

Within 3:00 left Widener made two goals, making the final score 15-11 Cavaliers.

“We overcame the weather and played a relatively good game of lacrosse given the playing conditions,” Churchey said.

The Cavaliers play at Shenandoah University on Saturday, April 18 at 1 p.m.

Samantha Bokoski

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