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By Patricia J. Sheehan
August 31, 2006

Cabrini’s fall sports teams are gearing up for another explosive season. The players have been practicing on campus since Aug. 20 to sharpen their skills and welcome some new freshmen players. The teams are optimistic and are anxiously waiting to see what the new players bring to the table.

Jackie Neary, who has been coaching field hockey at Cabrini for 10 years, said that she has been impressed by the new additions to the team.

“All the freshmen are doing a fine job, however, there are two that stand out a little bit more,” Neary said.

Sara Trzuskowski and Bridget Bergen, both freshmen elementary education majors, have made a huge impact as two of the total five additions to the team. Neary said that all of the new players have been doing a fantastic job even with it being so early in the season.

“I have no expectations for freshmen, so the pressure is on the upperclassmen and it’s a bonus if a freshman can do something well,” Neary said.

Neary has great hopes for this upcoming season. Last year, the field hockey team finished with a record of 11-7 and finished 9-2 in the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference.

“[Last season] was one of out best seasons ever. We only had one conference loss. We went to playoffs but then we lost to our nemesis Eastern,” Neary said.

After finishing last year with a record of 5-12-2 and finishing 2-7 in the PAC, men’s soccer has made some new additions to their team as well.

English and communication major Jason Moran, Brian Moran and Evan Hanauer are three freshmen that have made an impact thus far on the team.

Junior psychology major, Matt Moore said that the freshmen have been doing very well.

“I think the season is going pretty well so far. The freshmen are a pretty solid class,” Moore said.

Ryan Kirby, a junior English and communication major, agreed that the freshmen have been working hard.

“I think the freshmen class is really good this year because they’re going to push a lot of the starters. I think they’re going to help out a lot and maybe give us some numbers. We’ll be able to go deeper in the games because we’re going be in better shape and they’ll really force the rest of us to step up an play well,” Kirby said.

The women’s tennis team won the PAC for the second time and they are all striving to win the PAC for a third time. Each of them has high hopes for the outcome of their upcoming season.

Coach John Magee led the lady Cavaliers to their first PAC championship win back in 2004. Since then, the team has been one of the most intimidating competitors in the conference.

The women’s tennis team only took on one freshman this season, elementary education major Nicole Pontious. She is not nervous about being the only newcomer to a team that is so closely knit together. Pontious remembers that the team warmly welcomed her and cheers her on every day. She hopes to play well this season and wants to learn from her veteran teammates.

“[My goals are] just to do well and to improve and to win a couple matches. That would be good,” Pontious said.

The team of nine players shares a sisterly bond which could not be ignored as each of them described their personal and team goals.

Senior marketing major Caitlin Scott, who is also one of the team’s captains, says the team shares a common goal.

“We want to have a successful season and win the PAC championship again this year – we were picked as the favorite in the coaches poll for the conference to win – so we’re hoping but not expecting,” Scott said.

Ken Prothero has been coaching the women’s soccer team at Cabrini since 2002 along side with assistant coach and goalkeeper specialist, Jess Hunda. Prothero is confident in all of the players and hopes that the new additions can add a new aspect to the overall progress of the team.

“Last year we had a very strong team, but we only had 16 players. Ten of our sixteen games were decided by only one goal. The Lady Cavs were PAC champions three seasons ago. After two years of devastating injuries, bad luck and loss of key players, we are looking to compete again for the conference championship,” Prothero said.

When asked about what teams would be a challenge for the Lady Cavs, Prothero is confident in the team.

There are 11 teams that play women’s soccer in the PAC and seven have a good chance of winning the title. If we work hard, stay healthy and play as a team, I think we have the talent to beat anyone in our conference,” Prothero said.

As a senior who has seen the ups and downs of her team for four years, elementary education major Emilie Greto said that the team is doing better than expected.

“[We look] a lot stronger than last year. We have a lot of freshmen and sophomores on our team who are helping out a lot. We want to win this year,” Greto said.

Junior english major, Corinne Szymcsak agreed.

“This year we have a very young team and it is going to go great because we can actually sub this year,” Szymcsak said.

Szymcsak also said that the team has an unmatched chemistry. She has been impressed with how the freshmen have adjusted to the practices and players.

“I think that we are going to do well this year because we have a lot more girls this year than last. We will actually be able to rest people that need to be rested. The chemistry between the girls on and off the field is probably some of the best we have had since I have been playing soccer here,” Szymcsak said.

Cross-country is taking huge strides in the upcoming season. The team has added a group of freshmen to the ranks. Many have already achieved great things so early in their athletic careers.

Psychology major Nailah Smith and biology major Christiana Taylor, both freshmen, have joined the women’s team.

Business administration major, Chris Stein and Joe Santo are two freshmen who have been added to the men’s team.

The team has one strongly sought after goal: “To do much better in the PAC champs,” coach Tom O’Hora said.

Both the men and women each have their own rivals to beat this season. Marywood will be the biggest challenge for the women’s side while the men hope to take down Misericordia this season.

One team that is expected to achieve great things this season is the volleyball team. The team is excited about the upcoming season and is very confident in their skills.

“We’re a force to be reckoned with,” freshman special education major Alecia Weaver said.

Freshman pre-med major, Lizzle Williams agreed with Weaver. She believes that the overall talent of the team is going to be hard to beat.

“We’re a strong team. Come to all our games,” Williams said.

The fall teams are definitely ready for show off their skills in the next few months. They are all strong individuals, each of them links their team together and believes that they have what it takes to become champions.

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Patricia J. Sheehan

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