Cavalier of the week:

By Michael Kazanjian
November 9, 2000

Michelle Palandro

by Michael A Kazanjian

assistant a&e editor

Optimism is the key and Karen Fisherowski has found the lock.

This new Cabrini employee is making her mark quickly and redefining the idea of a “happy work environment.”

Any time a Cabrini event is mentioned on television, in newspapers or on the radio it is the work of Karen Fisherowski, Cabrini’s media relations coordinator.

Graduating from Indiana University of Pennsylvania in May with a degree in journalism and communications media, Fisherowski was hired at Cabrini two weeks later. Cabrini, like other colleges, has a lot going on. The “Up With People” performance, “Casa Cabrini” and other events are a draw not only for people affiliated with Cabrini but people of all sorts. There are obviously fliers all over the school when an event is occurring but that doesn’t do outsiders any good. That’s where Fisherowski steps in.

Events are scheduled and planned a month or so more in advance. During that time the student activities board, run by Bridget Baxter the coordinator of student activities, starts preparing the event, while Fisherowski, and the rest of the media relations department start to spread the word.

When Channel 10 shows up or reporters from the Philadelphia Inquirer it’s not a miracle. Fisherowski and her department put in dozens of calls to local stations and magazines like “Main Line Life” to come and feature the event. In a way it’s very similar to PR.

Lately, Fisherowski is all work. Starting with her commute from Boyertown, which is never an easy task, until 5 o’clock rolls around Fisherowski is a very busy person. What she manages to do, however, is remain extremely cheerful throughout the day.

“I’m very happy here. The people I work with made me feel at home right away,” Fisherowski said. “For my first job out of college I couldn’t be happier. Many people I know hate their jobs after they graduate. I feel lucky that everything is going so well” she concluded.

For the majority of her life Fisherowski was a swimmer. She was a four-year member of a competitive swim team and spent some of her time volunteering to work with young children swimmers. With her busy schedule, however, Fisherowski hasn’t had the time to keep up with this, even though she would love to be able to volunteer again. In the meantime Fisherowski is content with sitting at home on Sunday watching football, something her roommates find just a tad strange.

Fisherowski’s good mood is almost unnerving.

In fact the only time she stopped smiling was when she was trying to think of something that she didn’t like.

It was not an easy task for her to figure out.

“I’m a very outgoing person and since I’m still young I’m willing to try most things at least once. I am very goal oriented and have a set schedule, so I guess the only thing that really bothers me is when people mess up my schedule, but I guess that’s about it.”

With plenty of events coming up in November like the Major Donor Dinner and the Hamilton dedication of Founder Hall’s new wing, Fisherowski is certainly busy.

But that won’t break Fisherowski’s good mood. Come to think of it, that may be an impossibility.

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Michael Kazanjian

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