Cavalier radio to host an open mic night

By Mark Finley
April 28, 2022

Open Mic Night. Photo Credit: Mark Finley
Open Mic Night. Photo Credit: Mark Finley

For the first time since 2012, an open mic night is returning back to the campus.  

On Apr. 28 Cavalier radio is hosting an open mic night at The Grill from 7-9 p.m. Admissions is free. To sign up to perform on the open mic night go to Cavalier radio instagram (@cavalierradio) or scan the QR code on the flyers. 

On the forum, it asks what your name is and what type of act you will be performing. The options on the forum are Comedy, Rap, Poem, Sing Along, Instrumental and R&B.

This will be the second event for Cavalier radio in the last month. On Mar. 31 Cavalier radio held a quizzo event where the winners won a prize of $10 Wawa gift cards.

With Cavalier radio being a student-run radio station, all of the events Cavalier radio holds are ideas from the students.

“I got the idea for open mic night in class with my buddy Mark,” Anthony Pietrewicz, junior digital communication & social media major, said. “We want to put on an event that will allow students to all show off their talents.”

Pietrewicz has been on Cavalier radio since the beginning of this year and next year Pietrewicz will be the production manager of Cavalier radio. 

“I expect to see a lot of different performances,” Pietrewicz said. “I wanna see rappers, poets, stand up comedians and anything else that this campus has to offer.”

Pietrewicz has always been have fan of comdey and heavy metal music. Pietrewicz’s favorite comedian is Chris Fischer and his favorite band is Men I Trust.



Cavalier Radio table at an event Photo by Cavlier Radio

 “Open mic night helps cavalier radio get its name out there with the campus,” Pietrewicz said.  “It allows the campus community to be a part of cavalier radio for a night.”

Pietrewicz has been teasing on social media that he might do stand up comedy at open mic night.

“That will be determined. I have been working on my stand up comedy set and if the crowd is right, then I’ll definitely put on a show,” Pietrewicz said.

Pietrewicz has a show called “Midnight Snack” that is on Wednesday 12-2 a.m. On the show Pietrewicz talks about whatever is on his mind and plays EDM music.

“My expectations that radio gets exposure, the students learn how to run an event and hope momentum sticks just as good from quizzo,” Jill Smith, chief operator and general manager of Cavalier Radio, said. 

Jill Smith headshot
Photo by Cabrini University

Smith is a former member of Cavalier Radio and has been the director since 2014. 

“The goal can help the university students know that students have a radio station campus,” Smith said. “Also, it is helping students learn how to run and market an event.”

Smith and Pietrewicz have been working hard to make sure open mic night is a well run event. 

“I could see it being a yearly event, it just depends on the student staff and the level of commitment,” Smith said. “See how this one goes and deduce from there if it should be a regular event.”

If you have any questions about open mic you can go to you can listen to 89.1 WYBF or go to Cavalier Radio website.

Mark Finley

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