Cavalier Radio broadcasts its first live sporting event in 10 years

By Mark Finley
October 30, 2021

Cavalier Radio

Cavalier Radio returned to broadcasting live Cabrini sports. On Oct. 5  with the Cabrini’s Men soccer win over Centenary University (NJ) 5-2. 

This was the first Cabrini sports event that was broadcasted on Cavalier Radio in over a decade. Cavalier Radio is the student-run public radio station here at Cabrini University. 

The game was called by Ryan Chybinski and Brendan Fisher. Chybinski was the play-by-play and Fisher was the color analyst. Matt Rutherford was also on the board for the game.

This what the radio board looked like during the soccer game.
Photo by Mark Finley

The return of broadcasting live sports on Cavalier Radio happened due to the growing interest in sports inside Cavalier Radio. The sports department led by Fisher and Rutherford started the groundwork last year to start broadcasting games.

The system that Cavalier Radio uses is called Qgo Live. Qgo Live is a system that is able to have students calling the game at the field. 

After a high interest in students within Cavalier Radio and wanting to produce more content, broadcasting Cabrini Athletics is a opportunity for Cavalier Radio.

“I am really excited to have Cavalier Radio broadcasting sports again,” Jill Smith, chief operator and general manager of Cavalier Radio, said. “ We have systems in place so that we can call games and the students can run it all by themselves.”

Smith is a former member of Cavalier Radio and has been the director since 2014.

Jill Smith’s headshot
Photo by Cabrini University

“I listened to the men’s soccer game and I think it went really well,” Smith said. “ We have a microphone issue during the game and my staff is going through and fixing the problem.”

One of the microphones during the broadcast was longer than the other one. The members of Cavalier Radio have fixed the issue.

“I think Cavalier Radio can be an avenue for students who want to get involved with sports broadcasting,” Smith said. “ I want to give them a pathway and avenue to build a portfolio and use all of that information to help them get a job.”

Smith, with the help from Fisher, Rutherford and others, was able to start from nothing to being able to broadcast games within a few years.

“I think we are always interested in getting students involved to give students the experience that they want to get to prepare themselves to get to the next level,” Dave Howell, athletics communication director, said.

Along with being athletics communication director, Howell teaches a sports communication class. Howell has been with Cabrini for 10 years including being the sports information director for five of those years.

“I think we can have every game called as more students become interested and realize that they have the opportunity to get that experience to call games I think we will be able to call every game,” Howell said.

Howell mentioned in the interview that Cabrini had to outsource broadcasting some games last year.

“It helps give Cavalier Radio experience and content,” Howell said. “ You can fill two hours worth of content with a huge deal with programming and I also think it gives students an opportunity to understand what it means to call a game at a different location and having someone at the board is an experience you might not get some places else.” 

If you want to listen to any Cabrini athletics game on Cavalier Radio, you can listen to 89.1 WYBF or go to Cavalier Radio website.

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Mark Finley

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