Cautious words to fickle friends

By Rosemarie Gonzalez
February 19, 2004

Lauren Joseph

You may think that you know your friends completely, but I have learned the hard way that people can change with the snap of a finger. It may be because of other influences that they have in their lives or maybe it’s just part of the growing process.

In my 21 years, I have thought to be close to various amounts of people, but have found out that in getting too close to some may cause me heartache in the end.

For that reason, I haven’t believed in the term, “best friend,” since my senior year of high school – making that four years and counting.

Some reasons I can’t be that close to one particular person is because I don’t really trust too many people based on some past experiences, and most of the time I wind up being or feeling used.

There are times when people need favors and that is the only time you hear from them. For example, if you get yourself a car or you turn 21 – or a combination of both – you’re automatically everyone’s best friend.

Yeah, it’s always nice to have someone you can count on to be there for you, but when are you ever there for that person?

You say you want to be there for me, but whenever I ask for some help, you always make up some lame excuse such as saying you don’t have time. We both know that’s not true because if you have time to do other things, then you have time for me.

Just like romantic relationships, friendships should not be one-sided. It’s not all about taking, it’s about giving too.

And what causes even more friction is the fact that we don’t communicate even when I make the effort to talk to you. Do you truly know or care to know what is on my mind?

“Best friends” or not, I don’t like losing people in my life for stupid reasons that could have been avoided. But I must say that I’m too honest a person to keep some things to myself. I just tell it how it is, and if you don’t like it, then I guess you were never my friend to begin with.

If you accept me for me, I’ll accept you for you, but I must say that we do need to work on our level of communication and respect towards each other. Let’s learn to be considerate and understanding.

I leave you with these words:

DON’T be a player, a liar, a phony, a fake. BE TRUE. BE REAL. To me and to yourself.

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Rosemarie Gonzalez

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