Causes of high blood pressure

By Kara Driver
November 6, 2008

High blood pressure is greatly affecting our society. The number of people who have high blood pressure is increasing rapidly.

The American Heart Society stated that one-third of all adults have high blood pressure or hypertension.

Hypertension goes along with high blood pressure because of the strain on the heart when it has to push the blood out. The thicker the blood the harder pumping the heart has to do.

This is a very big problem in our society and many people do not even know they have high blood pressure. It is called “the silent killer.” Since high blood pressure is so well known what causes people to get high blood pressure?

I believe that high blood pressure and the bad economy go along with each other.

With where the economy is at today, many people are short on money. I believe that this leads to more and more people eating cheap fast food instead of a more expensive healthy meal.

Although some people may not have a choice at this point in time on what they eat and what lifestyles they live, the ones that do should be making the right decisions. If you have the resources to live a healthy life style, then you should.

Some other affects of high blood pressure which people can prevent are smoking, drinking alcohol, excessive intake of salt and obesity. I personally feel that these factors are all controllable and people can do something about it, even if it is not drinking as much or not smoking that one cigarette.

Most of the time when diagnosed with high blood pressure it can be cured with time. Doctors have the resources to help high blood pressure but people are not taking advantage of them.

In 2000, the National Health and Nutrition Survey stated that 59 percent of people were diagnosed with high blood pressure and only 34 percent took control of the situation. People can definitely do better than this.

High blood pressure is a devastating thing but most of the time it can be cured. I feel like just going out there eating a little bit healthier and exercising a little bit more can greatly reduce the numbers. So many Americans do not exercise and eat whatever they want and this is why high blood pressure is so common.

High blood pressure can also be genetic. I feel that this is a warning sign. If your parents had high blood pressure that there is a likely chance that you might get it and you know that you have to live a very healthy lifestyle.

Once again this goes along with the economy and what kind of situation you are in.

High blood pressure is a very serious disease that many people suffer with. But is it because of the economy or just being lazy and living unhealthy lifestyles?

Both of these factors play a part but I feel if people who have high blood pressure
really put the effort in to overcoming it they will and can be healthy.

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Kara Driver

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