Catholic tie affects activities

By Nina Scimenes
November 13, 2003

David Ehrlich

“Educate both our hearts and minds,” President Iadarola said at the recent annual Cabrini Spirit day.

Contraception is a controversial issue at Cabrini because of the college’s Catholic roots. Cabrini is a school sponsored by the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus since 1957, 46 years ago. Contemporary ways of thinking can cause questionable doubt when dealing with whether the students of Cabrini are deprived or take pride in its Catholicism.

Having higher moral is not uncommon for Catholic and Jesuit institutions compared to public universities and Cabrini is no different from. Ethical and moral principles reflect the Mission Statement of the college. Being a “catholic affiliated” college means to recognize the beliefs of the foundation that Cabrini was build from. Not all attending students are required to be Catholic, but they be must be respectful for their surroundings. There have been previous ordeals on campus dealing with racist crimes, and hate crimes. One incident in the past even involved a swastika. Avoiding future hate crimes like in the past requires restrictions to be strongly enforced.

Drag queens and condoms are both amongst the list of things you are not likely to see publicized on Cabrini’s catholic campus. Student Activities sponsors a variety of events throughout the semester for a wide range of an audience on campus. The guests that Cabrini host are expected to follow guidelines that are written to protect Cabrini’s values. Each performer that visits Cabrini is required to sign a contract with basic expectations of them. “There is a fine line between the mission statement, the core values, and the Catholic Church,” Jason Bozzone, director of student activities, said.

Accepting diversity is an emphasized idea that the core values stresses. Not only is diversity included in the distributive courses of core curriculum, diversity is appreciated on campus.

Bozzone, along with Cabrini-hired lawyers, recently put together a contract to protect the college against any unwanted future insolences that may potentially ruin the reputation of Cabrini. If the performer or artist on campus does not follow the guidelines of the signed contract, legal actions could be preceded resulting in a lawsuit. So you can almost guarantee not seeing a large selection of Hip Hop or rap performers with an abundance of explicit lyrics.

No form of contraception is provided to students at Cabrini’s heath service, located in the Rooymans Center. This does not necessarily mean that Cabrini is trying to turn the other cheek and act na

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Nina Scimenes

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