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My experience working for the Philadelphia Eagles

Isn’t it every kid’s dream to work the games for their favorite team? It was for me, and my dream has become a reality.… Read More

INSTAcart is INSTAntly the best job for any college student

As a broke college student, excitement built up for me last year as schools announced that they were closing for only two weeks due… Read More

What it was like to grow up as a triplet

As a triplet people often expect us to be alike but the truth is we couldn’t be more different.  My siblings and I are… Read More

Homeless Americans should be a vaccination priority

COVID-19 vaccinations should be readily available to anybody who needs it. Whether they need it due to their age, pre-existing conditions or line of… Read More

Why I began meditating over winter break

2020 was a year like no other. We all had to find ways to cope with something neither we nor our families had ever… Read More

College athletes are not essential workers; why do we think we are?

It is okay, I can say that.  I am one. Before I keep going, let me explain more about who I am. I come… Read More

How I motivated myself over winter break

This winter break was unlike other breaks in the past. The coronavirus is still very much a prominent issue in the United States and… Read More

My experience contracting COVID-19

I sat at home with my mom from March until May. By the time summer rolled around, I was kind of “done” with the… Read More

What it’s like having an internship during a pandemic

This past year has been a rollercoaster of endless events from COVID-19 coming to the United States to universities and schools shutting down to… Read More

I haven’t lived at home since I was 14

I haven’t lived at home since I was in middle school. I spent my four years of high school at a boarding school. When… Read More
Lashay and Sydnee setting up camera in studio.

Was declaring my major during the end of sophomore year too late?

In less than six months, I will graduate from college. After four long, stressful years, it will soon be time to put all that… Read More

Abortion rights are human rights

For many years, women all over the world have turned to the process of abortion to manage their unplanned pregnancies. In today’s day and… Read More

How having parents who split at a young age has affected me

If your parents are still together or even like each other, please consider yourself extremely lucky. It’s not easy. Pretty much since the time… Read More

How TV and film inspires me

Ever since I was a kid I loved television. Growing up I knew every theme song to my favorite childhood shows and I knew… Read More

Africans trying to flee the Ukraine unable to cross the border

Ukrainians are desperate to escape Ukraine. Yet, authorities at Ukraine’s border refused to let Africans, who are among the Ukrainians, cross the border into… Read More

We stand with Ukraine: What you can do to help from Cabrini

More than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine and are now seeking to restart their lives with their families in different countries all over… Read More

Losing Luna; the emotional toll of losing a pet.

On a cloudy Oct. day in 2017, I came home after school to find both my brother and my mom waiting for me in… Read More

Overcoming a family loss and discovering my purpose

I had no sense of direction. No sense of reality. No sense of purpose. I was simply, lost. I lost my brother, Michael Ryan… Read More

Can we cancel ‘cancel culture?’

Olivia Jade. Kevin Hart. Logan Paul. Rachael Kirkconnell. What do they all have in common? They’ve all been canceled at one point during their… Read More

Being Black on a campus that cut Black Studies

  During the spring semester of 2021, the Cabrini community got an email stating that the school will be cutting programs and staff. The… Read More