Editorial: Anti-bullying campaign faces new, digital frontier

The Loquitur editorial staff supports and applauds the leaders of the Cabrini College community who held an open forum meeting to discuss cyberbullying through the use of social media.

Editorial: Loquitur staff requests respect on behalf of resident students

In light of the evacuation of the Dixon House last week, the Loquitur editorial staff would like to reflect on what it means to be a resident student.

Editorial: Remembering 9/11 through our actions, thoughts, courage

A decade. Ten years ago. While it seems like only yesterday our lives were forever changed, in actuality, quite a lot of time has passed. Here at the Loquitur, most of the editorial staff was in fifth grade on the fateful day.

Editorial: Loquitur welcomes class of 2015 to Cabrini

The Loquitur editorial staff would officially like to extend a warm welcome to Cabrini’s Class of 2015.

Editorial: Cabrini believes education is more than just a number

Cabrini College is a unique school and community for a number of well-known reasons such as the social justice curriculum, small class sizes and partnerships with organization such as the Philadelphia Phillies. A lesser-known distinctive characteristic of Cabrini is the valedictorian-selection process.

Editorial: Military personnel still deserve our attention both at home and abroad

How many of us would be willing to leave our hometowns, families and friends and put our own lives on the line for the sake of protecting others? The Loquitur believes that these individuals truly deserve more recognition from average citizens like us.

Editorial: Cabrini students called to stand with the hungry

Ambassador Tony Hall hasn’t eaten since March 28. What were you doing 15 days ago?

Cabrini’s Theatre seating not adequate for audience members

One thing that can be looked forward to every spring is the Cabrini College Theater’s spring musical production. This year audiences will be able to enjoy the Steven Sondheim musical, “Merrily We Roll Along.” The theater program at Cabrini is in our opinion one of the most hardworking and dedicated programs we have seen. It works with its small space and produces an extraordinary show creating full houses and then some every night.

Nuclear energy doesn’t stand alone as unsafe US resource

Is nuclear energy and the storage of that nuclear waste worth the possibility that the United States could suffer it’s own nuclear disaster?

Lack of understanding for DREAM act

Just as the DREAM Activists are undocumented, unafraid and unapologetic, the Loquitur is unapologetic and unafraid to support DREAM Activists.

The artificial intelligence revolution

“As we delve deeper into the 21st century, artificial intelligence, AI, is becoming an increasingly common presence in our lives. From the way we… Read More

Student loan forgiveness benefits everyone

As the Loquitur editorial staff, we have a cumulative student debt totaling $116,000. Two out of the seven editors are fortunate enough to not… Read More

Black History you are not taught in school

On Jan. 12, 2023, in a letter to the College Board, The Florida Department of Education announced it would block advanced placement courses in… Read More
Pro-Immigration rally

U.S. immigration’s road to nowhere

Nearly two months after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sent Venezuelan and Columbian migrants and asylum seekers to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts without any prior accommodations,… Read More

Saying diversity is important is not enough

As affirmative action sits on the Supreme Court’s chopping block, it is more important than ever to advocate for diversity on all university and… Read More

Community is everything

At a time when community has never been more important at this institution and in our society, we at the Loquitur have a responsibility… Read More
People sitting and staring down on a paper, reviewing its content.

The Loquitur is free press

Freedom of the press is guaranteed by the First Amendment and is an integral part of our democracy. The Loquitur, Cabrini’s own press outlet,… Read More

Cabrini finds resilience during pandemic

After the pandemic shaped our first two years at Cabrini, the 2021-22 school year brought with it a new sense of normalcy,  purpose and… Read More

Dear Accepted Students: Brace yourselves for a few uncertainties  

Uncertainty. That word sums up a recurring theme that should not be at the forefront of Cabrini’s brand as new students start making critical… Read More

We stand with Ukraine: What you can do to help from Cabrini

More than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine and are now seeking to restart their lives with their families in different countries all over… Read More