Women’s History Month: HERstory in the making

History months serve two purposes. The first is to celebrate the accomplishments and victories pioneered by a demographic of people. The second purpose is… Read More

Editorial: In the wake of Bryant’s death, don’t take life for granted

It seemed like a hoax at first. Tabloid magazine TMZ reported that basketball legend, Kobe Bryant and several others, died in a helicopter crash.… Read More

Editorial: National Poverty in America Awareness Month

Intro:  January is National Poverty in America Awareness Month. Although this issue isn’t something that everyone is impacted by first-hand, it is closer than… Read More

Editorial: This holiday season don’t forget about those less fortunate

Bright lights, a warm home and delicious food are all hallmark attributes of the holiday season. Can you imagine what your holiday season would… Read More

Editorial: Smoking can detrimentally impact the body’s overall health for decades

The human body is a well-oiled machine that is heavily dependent on the fuel that is put in it. Making the decision to pick… Read More

Editorial: Millions of Americans struggle daily to access food, despite the surplus of food in the United States

In a nation where grocery stores are filled with aisles of food and fast food joints are at the corner of nearly every intersection,… Read More

Editorial: Mental illness does not discriminate, but the way we react does

Millions of young adults in the U.S. are affected by mental illness each year. Mental illness can be defined as a “mental, behavioral, or… Read More

Editorial: Sexual assault and violence should not be silenced

Editor’s Note: This article contains the topic of sexual assault and rape. The following may be triggering for some readers.  In light of the… Read More

Editorial: Suicide prevention month: recognize those who are struggling

Editor’s Note: This article mentions suicide/self-harm.  Suicide has had an impact on many people’s lives. Although suicide feels like it is “the only way… Read More

A letter from the 2018-19 editorial staff

Being an editor for a college news organization is no easy task. As the editors of Loquitur’s 60th year, we learned the many trials… Read More

Cabrini finds resilience during pandemic

After the pandemic shaped our first two years at Cabrini, the 2021-22 school year brought with it a new sense of normalcy,  purpose and… Read More

Dear Accepted Students: Brace yourselves for a few uncertainties  

Uncertainty. That word sums up a recurring theme that should not be at the forefront of Cabrini’s brand as new students start making critical… Read More

We stand with Ukraine: What you can do to help from Cabrini

More than 2 million refugees have fled Ukraine and are now seeking to restart their lives with their families in different countries all over… Read More

The future hasn’t been written yet, what story will you tell?

Imagine walking into a school where not one teacher looks like you do. This is the sad reality that many students face in our… Read More

Most of what we know of human trafficking is wrong, experts say

In front of an audience of more than 50 college students, Carla Clanagan motioned to the crowd. “It can be anyone. Look around, anyone of… Read More

Overcoming a family loss and discovering my purpose

I had no sense of direction. No sense of reality. No sense of purpose. I was simply, lost. I lost my brother, Michael Ryan… Read More

The best present to give this year is not a gift you’ll find under the Christmas tree

The holiday season is just beginning and many of us are scrambling to find gifts. After all it is called the season of giving.… Read More

2022 Academy Awards rebrand to be more inclusive. If so, here’s what I predict.

Viewers of the 2022 Academy Awards can expect refreshing changes thanks to the recent restructuring of the Recording Academy’s voting process. The Academy says… Read More

Cavalier fans celebrate Cabrini’s four-for-four champion wins

Cabrini’s fall athletes earned the university four Atlantic East Conference championships all within a few hours. This past Saturday, Cabrini University’s Men’s Soccer, Women’s… Read More

Land of the free, home of the brave

Everyday, there are 1.3 million brave young men and women putting their lives on the line to protect America. In return, we should take the… Read More
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