Performing Arts Showcase

Cabrini’s sixth annual Performing Arts Showcase, organized by the visual and performing arts department and the XMusica Society, brought together a variety of musical… Read More

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Cavalier of the week:

Michelle Palandro by Michael A Kazanjian assistant a&e editor Optimism is the key and Karen Fisherowski has found the lock. This new Cabrini employee… Read More

The cooking club: heating up again

Stacy Hanby by Marianne McKim assistant features editor You’re looking around for something to eat. You find nothing. You don’t think you can force… Read More

Scorching up the air waves

mike fenn by Amy Gassen assistant sports editor Back in the ’70s, college students held in their breath and squeezed together to see how… Read More

Movie Review: Not much luck to be had in the latest Lucky Numbers

by Michael A Kazanjian assistant a&e editor Quick, someone get Quentin Tarantino’s phone number to John Travolta immediately, his career needs to be resuscitated… Read More

Restaurant Review: A taste of Japan at Hibachi

Renee DiPietro by Renee Di Pietro staff writer Flames rise, heat hits your face and then it all vanishes as quickly as it began.… Read More

Within these dorm walls

Jenine J. Ikeler by Jenine J. Ikeler assistant photography editor “As we walk our path of life We meet people everyday Most are simply… Read More

Acting out laughter

Matt Holmes by Jill C. Hindman assistant features editor For the past eight weeks members of the Improv Troupe have been giving their time… Read More

Intrigued by cultures, Halpern says `Hola’

photo by Michelle Palandro by Jennifer Ford staff writer In 1984, Cynthia Halpern, department chair of the romance language department, began her teaching career… Read More

Tholey does Primos

Matt Tholey If you are tired of the same old juniors from WaWa then try Primos. For about the same price you can get… Read More

Cavalier of the week

Michelle Palandro Optimism is the key and Karen Fisherowski has found the lock. This new Cabrini employee is making her mark quickly and redefining… Read More

Eloise extinguishes torch songs on “Drunk on a Flight”

“Oh, I know that I said you’re trash/But just in case my plane should crash, I take it back,” Eloise admits on track seven… Read More

Women break barriers in the workforce

Women hold some of the top positions in companies today, often running their own businesses and dominating their fields. The three following women hold… Read More

Senior Week is near

The class of 2023 is getting closer and closer to commencement, and Cabrini’s CAP Board plans to send them off in traditional fashion, hosting… Read More

Content creators building brands across campus

While balancing commitments like academics, athletics, and work, there are students around campus who have built a significant media presence. Here are some media… Read More

Cabrini’s 2023 valedictorian rows to the finish

Rachel Hetrick, senior graphic design major and a Spanish minor, was chosen as the valedictorian for the class of 2023. Hetrick says her four… Read More

The underside of nonprofits

As with all things in life, good and bad. The same holds true even for nonprofit charities trying to help those in need. Many… Read More

Residency returns and graduate housing is opening

Cabrini’s residency dropped from about 900 residents down to 586. Dean of Student Engagement Anne Filippone plans to increase campus engagement, as well as… Read More

Slumlords of Conshohocken

Are slumlords controlling off-campus housing for Cabrini students? A large portion, of Cabrini students, 54%, live off campus, and often they choose to call Conshohocken… Read More

Respect creates community at concerts

Concert crowds are electric, emotional, and exciting. Danger creeps in when fans don’t respect each other’s space and the money they paid to be… Read More

How does Cabrini celebrate Women’s History Month?

March marks Women’s History Month, created in 1987 by the Education Task Force of Sonoma Country Commission on the Status of Women. They planned… Read More
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