Performing Arts Showcase

Cabrini’s sixth annual Performing Arts Showcase, organized by the visual and performing arts department and the XMusica Society, brought together a variety of musical… Read More

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Seniors- the time has come

The following is a list of job fairs courtesy of the Co-op and Career Services department. March 21-12-3 p. m. Intercollegiate Career Fair at… Read More

Remembering the past: Celebrating freedom

Slavery is a common word that we all have heard and have some general knowledge about. If you were to look it up in… Read More

Improv strikes again

Justine DiFilippo “On the Spot” ate, slept and dreamt comedy. Cabrini’s improv troop, “On the Spot” embarked on a mission. Last weekend 11 members… Read More

A Mr. Rogers’ goodbye

by Kendra Clark staff writer The trolley has made its last trip, the last song has been sung and the last sweater has been… Read More

Beware of Cupid on Valentine’s

by Jennifer Devereaux assistant news editor The movie “Valentine” opened in theatres on Friday Feb. 2. Directed by David Blanks (Urban Legend), the film… Read More

Art makes an opening at the Gallery

by Beth Conahan a&e editor Black History Month started off with a creative bang this year with three talented African American artists exhibiting samples… Read More

Love is on the air

by Matt Coughlin assistant news editor There is a new place for the lovelorn to turn to on campus, the Love Dorm, a weekly… Read More

Cav of the moment: Living his Philosophy

photo by Beth Conahan by Beth Conahan a&e editor Have you ever had one of those professors that just didn’t seem to care? He… Read More

Murder and Mystery at the Mansion

by Kendra Clark staff writer Murder, mystery and dinner come to the mansion for an evening of socializing. On Saturday, Feb. 10, the Cabrini… Read More

Nielsen’s Top Ten Valentine’s Day Pick-up lines

10. My vote goes for Bush and Dick. 9. Now that we have taken the edge off, prepare to feel the burn. 8. Wanna… Read More

Cabrini bids farewell to ‘Merry Little Christmas’ tradition

“Merry Little Christmas” was a beloved daylong tradition at Cabrini for many years. However, this year saw its final run on December 3.  Dr.… Read More

Game on, stress off

In 1958, the first video game was invented. William Higinbotham, who was a physicist, invented this simple tennis game called “tennis for two”. This… Read More

Cabrini community embraces diverse holiday traditions

With the holiday break approaching, Cabrini students and faculty will have a month long break for some much–needed personal time. This break gives Cabrini… Read More

Center on Immigration has a new partnership

Cabrini’s Center on Immigration has a new partnership with the Free Migration Project. The Center on Immigration is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization, whose mission… Read More

Social Nexus carries on despite closure

A digital success story. An agency that navigates closure with resilience. Social Nexus strives to understand social media’s impact on the public, and with… Read More

Sweet and educational: Fall in Love with Books

On Friday, November 17, students wrapped up the fall season with an event put on by the Student Government Association called “Fall in Love… Read More

Cabrini Theatre showcases alumni-written comedies in One-Act Play Festival

Grab tickets and snacks and get ready for Cabrini Theatre’s One-Act Play Festival happening November 30 and December 1. Members of the Cabrini Community,… Read More

Mental health and the student athlete

Triumph on the field and in the mind. Psychological obstacles hurdled. Mental health takes the win while anxiety takes the loss. It’s time to… Read More

Cozy Thursdays, a judgement-free zone

The closer the weekend is, the fewer students are seen on Cabrini’s campus. However, the Wolfington Center attracts a small crowd every Thursday from… Read More

Cabrini Spectrum presents Outfest

On October 27th, the student led club Cabrini Spectrum, a LGBTQIA+ campus organization, held an Outfest event in The Grill at the Widener center.… Read More
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