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Young refugees ‘lost’ and found in local woman’s home

Editor’s note: This story won an award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and 2nd place 2011 Chandler Award for Student Religion Reporter of… Read More

Lost Boy finds success in the new world, has hope for homeland

Remembering life before the war, Malual Deng Duot pauses quietly as he recalls images of life as a happy adolescent living in Southern Sudan.“Before the war, we were happy and you see mom and dad everyday,” Malual said.

War, rape fueled by our phones, computers

Right now 1,100 women are being raped each month and approximately 5.4 million people have died in the Congo due to the effects of conflict minerals.

Homeless deserve more than just a casual glance

Our negligence to homeless people along with the negative stigma attached to those sleeping beneath city bridges contributes to the common belief that we should only help ourselves, because we’re all capable of attaining success on our own. Loquitur hopes that through courses like these Engagement In the Common Good classes, people can become more exposed to the reality of the situation

Students organize over Sudanese conflict

President of Catholic Relief Services at Cabrini College organized a separate working group of CRS that is immediately acting on what is happening in Sudan. His plans within the working group are reaching out to the Cabrini STAND (Students Taking Action Now in Darfur, a world-renowned student-run organization of college and high school students who are anti-genocide activists) chapter and the Black Student Union to join forces with the CRS Ambassadors.

Media representation of missing POC

Jelani Day was his name, but his family and friends referred to him as JJ. Many people don’t even know he exists… Why? The… Read More

One year after the death of Walter Wallace, Philadelphia comes together to honor his life

27-year old Walter Wallace Jr. had been battling multiple mental health issues, including Bipolar disorder, for years. On Oct. 26 2020, this internal struggle… Read More

Being Black on a campus that cut Black Studies

  During the spring semester of 2021, the Cabrini community got an email stating that the school will be cutting programs and staff. The… Read More

The world we live in

We live in a world where there is danger around every corner. Many people know someone who has been the victim of drug violence.… Read More

Students’ actions against systemic racism now need to be matched by university policy

A year filled with marches, initiatives and discussions, Cabrini has responded to national incidents of racism and broad inequalities.  However, the institution has yet… Read More

International adoptions pose issues for children trying to cross borders

Children from all over the world struggle to make ends meet under the circumstances they’re placed in. Most kids are stuck across borders waiting… Read More

University cuts departments, lets full-time professors go

Cabrini University made the decision in March to cut a number of faculty and staff positions and eliminate several departments and academic programs. Two… Read More
Three Cabrini students in clats with Trash bags collecting trash from the open space on campus

Earth Day 2021: Cabrini Green Team cleans up campus

Cabrini’s Green Team partnered with the Wolfington Center for “Campus Cleanup Day.”  Students volunteered to pick up trash and tidy up campus. It was… Read More

Eating disorders: not a choice or a lifestyle

Eating disorders: not a choice or a lifestyle Sam Mottolo, a freshman environmental science major at Saint Joseph’s University, is in recovery from her… Read More

College athletes are not essential workers; why do we think we are?

It is okay, I can say that.  I am one. Before I keep going, let me explain more about who I am. I come… Read More