Cartoon Competition

By Staff Writer
October 16, 2003

Remember sitting in front of a huge screen on Saturday morning with your little feet dangling off the sofa, anticipating the string of cartoons with milk running down the side of your mouth from your Captain Crunch, Fruity Pebbles, Apple Jacks, or whatever sugar coated cereal you preferred? This scenario could be familiar to a lot of us here at Cabrini.

Those animated characters were eye catching then and still are now. ” Tom and Jerry was definitely my favorite cartoon,” sophomore Tiffany Dublin said. “I was always interested to see how Jerry was going to defeat Tom.”

“No, I didn’t like Tom and Jerry too much,” Danielle Glaves, sophomore, said,” I used to watch the Smurfs. How could a person not fall in love with those cute little blue men?”

“See, I didn’t like Tom and Jerry, nor the Smurfs,” sophomore Alicia Pesce said. “I liked My Little Pony.”

Today there are no cartoons such as The Smurfs or My Little Pony. Instead, there is Recess, The Proud Family, and The PowerPuff Girls.Cartoons have changed with the generation.

“Kids can relate more to the cartoons that are out today,” Pesce said. “They are focused more on real life, unlike Tom and Jerry.”

“Cartoons like the Proud Family and Sponge Bob teaches the kid the importance of family and friends,” Glaves said. “And that’s what matters. Maybe these positive cartoons will cut down on half of the violence in our crazy society.”

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Staff Writer

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