Car vandalisms on campus bring security changes

By Marissa Roberto
November 17, 2016

Photo submitted by Gabrielle Case

Over the past few weeks, there have been five incidents of car vandalism on Residential Blvd. that Public Safety has responded to. Each car has been damaged on its exterior but nothing has been stolen from them so far.

On Wednesday Nov. 16, Public Safety held an open forum for students that have concerns about the recent issue on campus. Joseph Fusco, director of Public Safety, and Stephen Nardy, assistant director of Public Safety, were there to address this issue and students’ concerns using all of the information they had about these incidents.   

They released a statement saying that this is their biggest concern right now. Public Safety currently has the Radnor Police Department doing regular drive-throughs and recently doing more frequent passes through campus. They also have six officers scheduled for the night shift and are currently in the process of hiring more staff.

Public Safety has worked closely with the Eastern University and Valley Forge Military Academy campuses and came to a consensus that these incidents were only happening on Cabrini’s campus. All of the cases that have been reported are not found to be linked. There is no specific pattern found on who the is being targeted in the vandalisms.

Photo submitted by Emily Smull

From now on, Public Safety is planning to increase rounds to keep their presence stronger on Residential Blvd. With the addition of more officers on the night shift and more rounds, they will be trying to monitor everything until these incidents die down or until they actually find out who is responsible.

Public Safety encourages the Cabrini community to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

If somebody sees suspicious activity or their car is vandalized, the first thing they should do is call Public Safety. They will then approach the scene, write up a report and ask if the student would like to involve the Radnor Police Department. Public Safety will also offer assistance to help with the cleaning of glass and anything else a student may need in the situation.

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Marissa Roberto

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