CAP Board sounds off

By Staff Writer
December 10, 2004

To the campus community,

It has come to our attention in recent issues of “The Loquitur” that some students do not feel as though CAP Board has put the effort in to programming a successful semester. The staff writers of the paper here at Cabrini have been more then zealous in pointing this out to us. However, CAP Board begs to differ. We would like to raise several questions that should demand immediate attention not only from “The Loquitur” but the entire campus community.

We would like to first thank Angelina Wagner and Alyssa Schoenleber who took time out of their very busy schedules to meet with the Executive Board of CAP. We know that through this meeting we have made great strides in building an incredible student dynamic between two extremely hardworking groups of students, the Executive Board wished to compliment these two editors for their professional edacity and class they exhibited, “The Loquitur” should be proud to have them on staff. From this meeting we have learned that the editors of the paper are intelligent hardworking individuals and the first question we pose to Cabrini students would be why we aren’t holding the staff writers to a higher standard that would deserve our time and energy in reading their stories. When assigned a story, CAP Board has been assured that writers are given our contact information for their stories. Why is it then that some writers still feel the need to quote our advisor? Amy is a hardworking administrator who advises CAP Board diligently; but try and quote one of the members of the Board. Amy will tell you any day; the students are truly the deserving members of our organization. Our expectation of you as a journalist is to make our members feel comfortable knowing that exactly what they said is exactly what is quoted. We enjoy compliments from our peers and our backbones can sustain even the toughest criticism, however we ask for professional courtesy when criticizing our organization and what we do.

We also ask that you please remember that we are your fellow classmates and although we are members of CAP to gain valuable, fun and unique experiences we are ultimately here to serve you. It is, and always has been, our goal to entertain our student body. For any student who has questioned CAP events or decision making ability in either a story they wrote, a story in which you were quoted, or a story in which you read we cordially invite you to join us at any CAP Board meeting. It is here you may question the events we plan, and work as a member of our organization to do what’s best for Cabrini College.

It is our belief that we have allocated a budget in the most effective and efficient way possible to program events on this campus. It is this fact that makes CAP Board question why we are the only organization scrutinized for how much they spend on events and how many they should bring. The paper was quick to inform the public of the SGA budget allocations to all the organizations back in October, yet no one, not a member of “The Loquitur,” a member of any such organization or a concerned portion of the student body has questioned any other groups spending practices as they do CAP Board’s.

We have continued to fight relentlessly to make this campus a better place for all of our fellow classmates. Imagine the degree of difficulty that comes with planning Spring Fling, now imagine being up against administrators already battling the alcohol abuse of the weekend, holding issues of “The Loquitur” in their hands which cite examples of students wanting to “Make every weekend a ‘Spring Fling Weekend.'” This is the truest example that we work for you, day in and day out we strive to better ourselves so that we may better your college experience.

So, to any naysayer or critic out there we now challenge you to step up to the plate, because come spring, believe us, you will see that we already have. To all the incredible members of CAP, we thank you for all your hard work. Finally, to our greatest supporters, who love what we do and never miss an event, hold on to your seats, you haven’t seen anything yet.

One last note, please feel free to contact CAP Board or any of the Executive Board. All contact information can be found on our newly designed website found under the Student Organization link on the Cabrini College homepage, just click on the Campus Activities and Programming Board link.

Thank you, The Executive Board Campus Activities and Programming Board

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Staff Writer

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