CAP Board changes approach to student activities

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November 6, 2003

To the Cabrini College Community,

Last Friday, Oct. 31, the Campus Activities and Programing Board at Cabrini College was forced to cancel the second night of the annual Haunted Trail. This was due to the irresponsible, reckless and senseless acts of a select group of students. On the first night of the trail, our volunteers had to deal with conditions that spanned from public intoxication, to verbal and physical threats and as far up as a live firework being launched into the trail just feet away from students working the event. The poor judgment exercised by those students was just another example of the low maturity level of a small group of people, on what seems to be a more regular basis each year. It is such a shame to see how the effort of so many hard working students is totally disregarded by so few.

I would like to stop and ask a question to that very small minority of our student body who forced us to cancel the event. What are you doing for Cabrini College that earns you the right to put other students in a compromising, or in this case, dangerous position? Why do you feel as though you can disregard the rules set up by Cabrini College and the organizations coordinating the event? Is it that hard to come to an event sober ? It seems as though for a small number of students on this campus it is. Stop now and think of how hard CAP Board has worked for YOU. Of course the CAP Board enjoys putting on events, but it is not for the sheer fact of our own enjoyment and experiences. We exist to bring our student body together by providing social, cultural, educational and meaningful activities. CAP and the other organizations on this campus have worked diligently every day since May to provide you with an exciting and fun-filled calendar of events, only to have them ruined by the lack of disrespect of so few.

The childish, disrespectful and inappropriate behavior that occurred the night of Oct. 30 was a disgrace to the student body of our school. It was not just cancelled, but the safety of others was put in the hands of a mindless group of pranksters who were out for laughs. Whoever you are, I hope you understand that you did not just pull a joke, you put the lives of students in danger and your sick joke could have ended in a catastrophe.

The events that have occurred throughout that night as well as other events on this campus have not gone unnoticed. The student-body is going to start to hold these individuals accountable for their actions; no longer will they tolerate such a blatant disregard for the rules set forth by Cabrini College. Although it is only a small group of students tarnishing the reputation of the proud student-body here on campus, your actions have caused nothing but negative static and noise, and believe me, from now on, no one is listening. Thanks to you, a new sense of citizenship has been sparked in the leaders of this campus. No longer will the students of this school let their hard work be erased by poor decisions of such a select few. It is now that I challenge the student body to start and hold each other up the responsibilities of a Cabrini Cavalier.

CAP Board is a group of extremely dedicated student-leaders who only wish to see this campus further itself in every aspect. We wish to thank everyone who has participated in the events of this semester and throughout our “Shocktoberfest” week. You, the majority of our campus, are the students who make all of our work worthwhile. We will continue to plan and implement educational, entertaining and safe alternatives for the Cabrini College community. On behalf of all the committed members of CAP Board, we would like to thank everyone for their support, ideas and attendance at all of our events throughout the semester. We will strive each day to improve the quality of yours’ and our own collegiate experience.

Thank you,
Mike J. Sofia
CAP Board President

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