Can you hear me now?

By Staff Writer
September 25, 2008

Shannon Keough

Don’t you just hate when someone says, “I called you three times and texted you,” and you never got it? Well, that is what seems to happen a lot here at Cabrini.

Students are receiving text messages hours later from when they were sent and phone calls are not going through.

I think it is probably the most frustrating thing when you need a response from someone or you try and get in touch with them and you can’t, because you don’t have service or the people you are trying to contact do not.

My freshman year at Cabrini was spent in Woodcrest and I really had no problems at all with my cell phone, unless I was talking to someone who had a Nextel. Nextel is always a lost cause; you’ll never receive texts within at least an hour sometimes.

My sophomore year in house four still caused no problems. Now, this year living in the appartments service is horrible!

For the 10 people I have spoken to, with different carriers such as Verizon (like myself), Nextel and AT&T, people are having such a hard time receiving and sending text messages and phone calls!

If you are lucky enough to get through in a phone call, usually the call will be dropped in mid conversation, especially if you are walking around in the apartments.

When you have your phone on you and it never rang but a voicemail pops up is something that happens on a regular basis. I am starting to get used to it now.

I live with three other girls and they have all complained about a dropped call, late text and the mysterious “no-ring phone call” being missed. I understand our campus is beautiful and we are located in a wooded area, but isn’t there something we can do about the service?

I live on the first floor of the apartments, which is bad enough, but I could never imagine having to live on the second or third floor where there really is no service.

Living in the apartments is a great upperclassmen privilege, however having no service does take away from living in such a nice apartment. I wish there is something Cabrini could do to change that, because it would really make the apartments better.

Just from the four weeks being at school already this year, I cannot count how many times someone else or I has said, “I called you! How come you didn’t answer?”

It seems like living in the apartments has two problems: parking and cell phone service.

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Staff Writer

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