Campus buzzing with countless activities

By Staff Writer
August 31, 2006

Cabrini College has a full list of on-campus organizations designed to drag the biggest student population ever into the world of campus involvement.

Too often, students waste away countless hours sleeping, watching TV or revamping their Facebook page; yet, they managed to squeal out a complaint of boredom. Well, the answer to ending the boredom can be found in the Office of Student Activities located on the 2nd floor of the Widener Center.

“Students can come to the Office of Student Activities to get information on how to start a new club or join an existing one. We can provide contact information for registered student organizations; they can also check out the website at ,” said Anne Ferry, director of student activities.

According to Ferry, at this time there are approximately 24 clubs or organizations registered on Cabrini College’s campus, but this number is expected to increase as the clubs are given a few weeks in the beginning of the fall semester to re-register, which is a process that the clubs must undergo each fall.

With the list of 24 clubs ranging in variety from the psychology club to the baseball club to Habitat for Humanity, there is surely an organization for every student; if not, students are given the liberty to pursue the founding of a new club.

Krystal Lane, a junior psychology major and vice president of the psychology club, said, “Once you get involved in one organization you meet all types of people. Before you know it, a domino effect has started and you join other clubs. In the process you are introduced to great people, good contacts and other on-campus organizations. It seriously makes the college experience much better.

Because not everyone is interested or has the time to join a club, the Office of Student Activities also has several events or activities planned to create entertainment and enjoyment for the entire campus community. For example, there are movie nights, bingo nights, and open mic nights.

“There is a lot to do on campus, especially this upcoming year. It is all about getting involved and being proactive. You can’t just stay locked in your room complaining; you’ve got to get out there for yourself,” Lane said.

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Staff Writer

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