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By Hannah Poggi
March 5, 2023

Campus Ministry has a new director and new plans. Photo by Cabrini University from flickr.
Campus Ministry has a new director and new plans. Photo by Cabrini University from flickr.

Campus Ministry at Cabrini welcomes its newest addition, Director Antoinette Reaves. Reaves was named director of Campus Ministry on Feb. 10, 2023.

Reaves has worked with Campus Ministry for only a short time. However, she is ready to immerse herself in the Cabrini community and connect with students and others on campus to keep a positive light and spread love.

Reaves’ experience so far

Inside of the Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of Saint Joseph at Cabrini. Photo by Cabrini University from flickr.

“So far, it’s been going great. I’ve been meeting a lot of people. I’ve been doing a listening tour and listening to the needs and wants of the staff, faculty, and the students here at Cabrini,” Reaves said. 

Coming from a religious past and close work with students, Reaves longed to find work in a similar area. Some of her previous positions, include being a principal, assistant principal, and teacher in many schools located in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 

“Before Cabrini, I worked with outreach and youth ministry. And I worked previously in a university setting years ago and I wanted to get back into the university setting. I came to visit Cabrini last fall and I walked on campus and it felt like home to me. I imagined being here and what it would be like,” Reaves said. 

Reaves is already collaborating with other campus departments and diving into the different elements of Campus Ministry.

“I am working alongside the Wolfington Center, DEI, and everybody on campus, because that’s what ministry is,” Reaves said. 

“I’m already starting to work on the multicultural interfaith prayer services. I know that we have someone who does that, but I want to bring song on campus, with regards to starting a choir,” Reaves said. 

Faith beyond measure

Even though Cabrini is a private Roman Catholic university, all students and faculty come from different faiths, and they are all celebrated. Kerrie Habicht, junior early education and special education major, dedicates her free time to Campus Ministry. 

“I cantor every other Sunday at 7 p.m. mass. I also have done Cabrini Day, Christmas at Cabrini, and Commencement Mass,” Habicht said.  

 Habicht believes Campus Ministry is unique. “It is important that students of faith be involved in campus ministry because it is a great opportunity to connect with others who share your faith and meet people of different faiths,” Habicht said. 

“Campus ministry at Cabrini is special because there are a variety of faiths across campus, and it provides every individual an opportunity to explore their own faith and others,” Habicht said. 

Looking into the future

Reaves wants to make Cabrini feel like “home,” and seeks ways to further deepen students’ experiences, despite the ongoing institutional changes.

Kerrie Habicht singing at mass. Photo by Cabrini University from flickr.

“I’m trying to figure out how to weave the thread of home, healing, and hope for Cabrini. Because I understand we are going through some transitioning. And so, how can we really speak to the core values that are here?” Reaves said. 

“I am looking for a place where everyone feels welcomed, loved, that they are at home. I want them to know that it really does exist. I want them to be freely expressed and unleashed with all the possibilities that they can have for their life,” Reaves said. 

Reaves also acknowledges the on- and off-campus difficulties of the pandemic period. “Coming out of COVID and everything, I really want everyone to say ‘Ok, we are here, we’re on campus.’ I want to see everybody out of their dorm rooms, not hiding in small spaces, but out in the open being their true self,” Reaves said. 

As time goes on, Reaves’ journey at Cabrini and with Campus Ministry will continue to blossom and be a space where she will provide individuals with joy. 

“Prayer is in the action. Prayer is in the doing. And when you are doing, you are living your life like Christ,” Reaves said. 

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