Calling all baseball fans

By Staff Writer
October 18, 2001

Cabrini offers many different sports from field hockey and soccer, to volleyball and basketball. Unfortunately, America’s favorite pastime is not on the list.

Although a division 3 baseball team may not be in Cabrini’s near future, fans of the game need not be worried for there is a baseball club.

Earlier this semester a group of freshman approached Chris Winkler, intramurals, recreation and facility director at the Dixon Center, about forming an intramural baseball club. Because of their request, the club was formed and now has close to 40 members in it.

When asked about whom the club would be playing against,,Winkler stated that there would be other baseball clubs in the area to compete against. This kind of friendly competition is a great way to meet other Cabrini students as well as other players in the area.

For those who enjoy the sport of Baseball but don’t seem to have the motivation to play competitively, a whiffle ball club will also be forming sometime in November.

The easiest way to find out more on this new club is to contact Chris Winkler at extension (610) 225-3909 or e-mail him at

If the club becomes a success, the possibility for a future division 3 winning, baseball team could be quite high.

Staff Writer

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