Caitlin Friel: Promotions Director

By Megan Kutulis
November 21, 2008

Megan Pellegrino

Anyone who has ever set foot in the Communications wing of Founder’s Hall is bound to hear the sounds of the latest hits drifting through the hallways. Q102? Wired? Nope. It’s Cabrini’s very own radio station, 89.1 WYBF FM “The Burn”.

But behind all the catchy tunes and the events, there is a hardworking staff that keeps the station going. Caitlin Friel, WYBF DJ and Promotions Director, is one of them.

Friel, who hails from Drexel Hill, has been working for the station since the beginning of her sophomore year. She was recently elected Promotions Director, but for her first year, she was attending events and fulfilling her first year duties.

As a communications major, Friel has had the chance to try her hand at nearly every aspect of the area. However, radio won her affections from early on. As a self-proclaimed “really talkative person”, she found her niche in front of a microphone. Now, as Promotions Director, she has the chance to really delve in.

“Basically my job is to make sure the station is publicized. I’m in charge of advertising events, making posters, and putting promotional things on air during the shows. It’s really cool,” Friel said.

Needless to say, her five hours per week of office work keeps her busy. The station recently held its annual Spooky Scavenger Hunt, where participants had the chance to win a VIP package to Bates Motel. The event, which was competing with inclement weather, attracted a number of students.

And those posters you saw around Founders? Thank Caitlin.

On Friday, Nov. 7 WYBF also hosted its first Funny Fest. The king or queen of comedy competed for the chance to win a night performing at Philadelphia’s Comedy Cabaret.

Those promotional ads and the cool website graphics? Thank Caitlin.

Besides taking on the responsibility for promoting events like these, Friel has her own show on the station. “The Friel Deal” is broadcast every Wednesday from 2-4.

With such a busy schedule, a little downtime is key. When she isn’t spending her hours in the studio, Friel occupies her time with the gym and hanging out with her friends and roommates. And-of course, listening to music.

This summer Caitlin hopes to get an internship working with Promotions at a radio station off campus. Because, as she puts it, she “loves everything about it.”

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Megan Kutulis

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