Caf needs a quicker scanning system

By Heather DiLalla
November 1, 2001

Here is the scene: you just got out of class at 12:10 and your next one begins at 12:30. You think 20 minutes is enough time to run down to the caf and get a quick bite to eat, but you’re wrong. There is a huge line of hungry people running down the entire hallway. “That’s just great,” you think to yourself. Now you’ll never have enough time to eat. The root of the problem for such an enormous line is the lunch ladies that are required to scan each and every student ID card. Scanning these cards may not seem like a difficult task, but for some unclear reason, it is. They take so long to scan the cards that the line just keeps building up more and more. Sometimes you are only a couple people from the beginning of the line, some person’s card will refuse to scan properly making your wait even longer. No one is at fault except the people that came up with the scanning system.

Why is it so necessary to scan cards? If it is so important, why can’t they get a better system that speeds up the process? A possible solution to this annoying problem is possibly to install a system similar to the one used to get into the dorms. That way when you walk by the only thing you would have to do is scan the face of your card quickly and hassle-free. It would make everyone’s life a lot easier and would allow more people to enter and exit the caf without the hassle of long lines. While some people have the time to wait out the lines, other people are just not that patient so they quickly walk to the wigwam to try and grab a bit to eat.

At the wigwam, when getting chicken fingers and french fries with no drink, you find the cashier saying “flex what you are over?” Correct me if I am wrong, but having an equal meal exchange should entitle you to get a meal without going over your limit. I could understand if a person went over their limit trying to get two pizzas and some fries with a large drink because that would be pushing it. But for a regular meal to go over is absolutely ridiculous. At least at the caf you can eat as much as you want without getting charged extra. Next time I’m in a rush and have little time to wait in lines, or little money to spend on food that we as Cabrini students already pay for, I’ll pack a PopTart.

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Heather DiLalla

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