Cafeteria waits frustrate students

By Ryan Norris
September 19, 2002

At the end of my 10:55 a.m. class I stare at that awful clock and hope everyday that we get out before noon, because if we don’t we’re most likely not going to be eating lunch.

At first I thought the hallway in the first floor of Founder’s Hall was going to be just a hallway for the classrooms, but now I know why it’s really there; to hold the enormous line of people for lunch everyday.

Once you get in the cafeteria and one of the WOOD dining employees finally types in your meal number because the card swiper doesn’t work, there’s usually no room to sit. So you go to get your food with your book bag on, and just wait for a seat to open. When you get to the counter to get food, there’s usually none left. You’ll get the brown lettuce, or the cold fries, and when they have nuggets, they always run out.

So you get what’s left of the fountain soda, and maybe a sandwich or something, then you start looking for a seat. Once you pull an empty chair up to one of the full tables, you pretty much have to inhale your food if you have a 12:30 class, or you just have to eat fast because the cafeteria will be closing soon.

Some say, “If you’re going to complain, then go to the Food Court and eat.” I would go to the Food Court and eat if it were open during lunch!

People have classes before and after and that’s the only time they can eat. Isn’t there anything that can be done to move it along faster? Some people were late for their 12:30’s and there was nothing they could do, because they needed to eat; their health is the most important thing.

Even if it means just speeding it up a little bit by having two people swipe ID’s to get people in quicker. Or maybe they could open the food court at the same time so that you can choose to go there where it’s not as crowded.

I’ve heard of some possibilities for extensions to the cafeteria, but that could take forever. What if the freshman class doubles every year? Then what are they going to do.

If we have to go to lunch everyday waiting for over 30 minutes just to eat for less than 5, I don’t think there are going to be a lot of happy people.

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Ryan Norris

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