CAC desk annoying

By Jaclyn Freese
November 21, 2002

Angelina Wagner

It seems as though Cabrini has put a front desk in the Cabrini Apartment Complex. If this isn’t treating adults like children, I do not know what is.

Putting a front desk in the CAC is preposterous. The students in the CAC choose the apartments because Cabrini advertises the CAC as “independent living.” What “independent living” has a RA and a public safety officer watching over them 24/7? This also means Cabrini will have to pay another public safety officer or two to sit at the desk all night.

Cabrini seems to think the students here act like wild animals. Granted that taking a crap on a floor or punching a hole in the wall is stupid and unnecessary, but the times that it happens are few and far between, much less than at any other college or university in the area.

If Cabrini wants to see some wild animals, they need not go to a state school like Penn State or West Chester, but go down the road to similar-sized small schools like Ursinus College or Albright College.

I have been to both colleges and I must say that the housekeeping staff, residence life and facilities staff has it pretty damn easy here compared to the ones at Ursinus and Albright. Those students act like animals; there were holes in the walls, people stumbling around drunk everywhere, toilet paper strewn about and fights taking place left and right.

I visited Ursinus frequently last year and this was part of the students nightly routine. The crazy part is that these students lived in houses or dorms, not in an apartment where it is their own responsibility to clean their messes up.

I usually stay on-campus on the weekend. I do like to visit other colleges, but staying here is sometimes more fun. This campus is so tame on the weekend that I wonder if anybody lives here. The administration should be thankful that the students here are calmer and more responsible than most other college students.

I was looking forward to living in CAC next year, but I am rethinking my position now. Putting a desk in CAC is a direct threat to my freedom. I know with freedom comes responsibility and students sometimes abuse freedom, but so does the college. I do not have my parents breathing down financial aid’s throat every time they take away more money from me just because they can (oh, how my parents would love that).

Please do not take this rebuttal as another angry student who is complaining about no social life or nothing to do at Cabrini. I find plenty of things to do here and my social life is just fine; putting a desk in CAC is not going to change anything about that.

Whenever Cabrini seems to have a problem with students and their behavior, they seem to take the most drastic means possible to stop them.

Cabrini is already having a problem retaining students and this move is certainly not going to make the college more appealing to the ready-to-transfer freshman who so abundantly walk this campus. Residence Life and Public Safety seriously need to rethink this move because it is an asinine one.

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    Jaclyn Freese

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