Cabrini welcomes new professors

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September 15, 2006

Shane Evans

The English and communication department this year hired two new professors of English, Dr. Paul Wright and Dr. Nancy Watterson.

Wright, originally from Chicago, received his doctorate from Princeton and taught in Osaka, Japan. He has been teaching at Villanova University for the last six years.

His areas of expertise are English and Italian, with a strong interest in the Renaissance Era. He hopes to see more courses in Italian authors and film and media studies at Cabrini.

Watterson, originally from Michigan, received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania, in the discipline of folklore and folk life. Watterson finds much interest in inter-disciplinary projects and community-based projects. She would like to become part of the momentum building around social justice issues here at Cabrini and stated that she is pleased to be part of “a community with such a strong mission.”

Watterson finds passion in the theories of Paulo Freire and Myles Horton, while Wright is most interested in Niccolo Machiavelli and John Milton. They both enjoy teaching and have a history of experience in the English and literature departments.

Wright and Watterson both agree that Cabrini’s campus is beautiful. Watterson thinks the beauty is remarkable, while Wright believes Cabrini feels and looks how a college should. Wright and Watterson believe that the joy that comes from teaching is based on the student’s growth of intellect, sense of social responsibility, ethics and morality.

They both look forward to meeting everyone around campus and welcome all backgrounds and disciplines.

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Dr. Beverly Bryde has rejoined the Cabrini faculty as a professor in the education division. Bryde is teaching two different education courses, Classroom Management and Foundations of Education.

Beverly Bryde is somewhat familiar with Cabrini’s atmosphere. She graduated from Villanova University with a bachelor degree in science and education. She then received her master’s degree in arts and education at Villanova as well. Bryde was also part of the Cabrini faculty from 1984-1987. She worked as the resident manager or what is now known as the area coordinator of Woodcrest and House Three. Bryde also coached women’s cross-country and was a campus minister here at Cabrini. During that time she had a chance to experience Cabrini through multiple ways.

After her three years at Cabrini, her husband received a job out in Southern California. They moved out there for 11 years. Bryde received a job at California Lutheran University as the director of secondary education. Throughout the years she also taught part-time at Villanova University and Widener University. Beverly Bryde has a total of 20 years of teaching within the higher education system.

Now that Bryde is back here at Cabrini, she feels as if she has never left. “I love it, I love being back. Cabrini feels like home to me,” Bryde said after being back for only a few weeks now.

Bryde explained how much she enjoyed the whole community at Cabrini. “The faculty is very supported and friendly, and the students are enthusiastic and responsive towards their work and goals,” Bryde said. When asked how Cabrini compares to the other schools that she taught at, Bryde answered about the overall friendliness around the campus. “This community has a real sense of putting others before one’s self.”

As she put it in her interview, “Third time’s a charm.”


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