Cabrini welcomes new business professor to department

By Michelle Costa
October 1, 2009

Shannon Keough

While walking down the long squeaky hallways of Grace Hall, it is only natural to bump into a new face, one being Dr. Lisa Delgado, Cabrini’s newest addition to the business department.

With a large grin, Delgado is quick to open her door and ready to get chatting.

Delgado just started at Cabrini this August, which explains her newly moved in office, holding books, paperwork and a beautiful picture of her son.

She jokes that as students moved into their new dorm rooms, she was also frantically moving into her new office.

Delgado is a native to the Pennsylvania area. She grew up in Philadelphia and now resides in Abington with her family.

“I’m so excited and nervous all at the same time. This is a huge step, starting a new job and meeting new people,” Delgado said.

Delgado is a recent graduate of Temple University where she received her doctorate this past May.

She was an adjunct professor at Temple University, Penn State Abington and Arcadia University.

“This is my first full-time job as a professor. I am just completely overwhelmed with excitement,” Delgado said.

“Dr. Delgado is the professor for my macroeconomics class on Wednesday nights. I like how she has each one of us study a specific country, examining their economy and current events that occur. It helps us understand how every country is sufficiently different from the United States economy,” Meghan Murphy, junior marketing major, said.

Delgado explains her fondness towards Cabrini with a sense of security, comfortability and great hope.

“I love the atmosphere of this campus. There is just such a welcoming feel, not just from the faculty and staff but the students too,” Delgado said.

“I love that she goes over the material until students fully understand it, which allows me to do well in her class,” Christina Flood, sophomore communication major, said.

When Delgado was asked about her future goals for this year she simply laughed and modestly said, “to keep up!”

“I am really hoping to learn more about Cabrini’s students and campus, because students are different everywhere and it is essential to adapt. I want to get involved and become part of this school as a whole,” Delgado said.

Delgado holds a degree in economics and is teaching micro and macroeconomics, as well as business statistics this semester.

She wants students to see how there is more out there than just college life, apply concepts from the classroom to daily activity and understand the complexity of it all in the ‘real world.’

Delgado’s students have certainly found her to be an excellent addition and find that she will add great knowledge to their developing major and studies.

“She is really informative and helpful. Having class with her is great because it is fast paced which keeps me interested and able to understand the material correctly,” Julie Bonomo, junior marketing major, said.

Delgado shares how college students are in the process of becoming adults, finding themselves each and every day, and to help just even one student become responsible and dedicated in the work world is the biggest honor.

“Professor Delgado always makes sure her students understand the material and offers tons of examples which helps me out a lot,” Kristen Haney, sophomore accounting major, said.

“I hold such a passion and love for economics. The ability to teach someone who knows nothing about this topic and watch them become amazed is the most fascinating thing in the world. I want to pass on the love of learning with each ounce furthering my students knowledge,” Delgado said.

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Michelle Costa

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