Cabrini students shine with CBI nominations

By Lilly Paul
October 18, 2007

Jillian Smith, Janene Gibbons and Marcella DiSandro are nominated for the CBI awards which will take place from the 25th to the 28th of October in Washington D.C.

The CBI awards promote and recognize college students who are involved in radio, television, webcasting and other related media ventures. This is the first year that Cabrini students will be attending the prestigious media event.

Jillian Smith, a junior English and communications major, has been nominated for her radio promotion “Quiet.” The thought of being nominated never even occurred to Smith as her number one priority was “having fun.”

Smith is hopeful of success, however acknowledges the fact that she faces tough competition. Schools like Columbia University and DePaul University are well recognized “hard hitters” as she puts it. These colleges have been competing in the CBI awards for years. It seems that now Cabrini College is coming of age.

Smith states that Cabrini always had talented communication students. Yet for her, these nominations have served to “remind” the college about the work being done by the communications department.

“The radio station and student newspaper are the voice of the students on campus. The communications department exemplifies Cabrini College- it is all about the students here,” Smith said.

Janene Gibbons and Marcella Di Sandro have also been nominated for their audio documentary on the psychological effects of war on returning soldiers.

Perhaps one of the reasons the audio has become so successful is that it is unique in that it highlights an aspect of war which is often forgotten.

“The aim of the documentary was to expose the lasting impact of war on a veteran,” DiSandro said. In doing their research, the students were surprised to find that some veterans were severely affected while others were less so.

Like Smith, DiSandro and Gibbons were both shocked and delighted to hear of their nomination and are confident of success.

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Lilly Paul

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