Cabrini students living at Valley Forge want out

By Brittany Liberatore
October 28, 2005

One of the best parts of going away to college is living on campus. Unfortunately, at Cabrini, this year’s transfer students did not get this opportunity. Due to limited housing on Cabrini’s campus, transfer students are forced to live in Valley Forge dorms for this entire semester, and most likely spring semester too.

I would be extremely upset if I had to live, basically off campus, when I am a resident student. The conditions in the Valley Forge dorms are not the best. Granted, the Cabrini students living at Valley Forge do pay a lesser room and board fee. But I would rather pay for full room and board and live on campus, than save money and live in the dorms the transfer students are living in.

The Cabrini students living at Valley Forge lived for over a month without cable. I know there could be bigger problems, but you have to remember there is not much for them to do in their rooms; considering they are far away from their fellow Cabrini students.

Also, they had to go days with no hot water. This may not see to be a huge problem either. But think about it, I don’t remember the last time I had to go days without hot water living on Cabrini’s campus.

I have learned that the majority of the Cabrini students residing on Valley Forge do not like living there. They constantly complain to their area coordinator, but it doesn’t seem like much is done. I’ve heard some say they feel like they were put up there and forgotten.

I am so happy that I am one of the lucky students that get to live on my own campus. I understand that the students living at Valley Forge are transfer students, but they are still a part of Cabrini and should be treated like they are.

The walk alone from Cabrini campus to Valley Forge is enough to make me feel thankful for my room on campus. There is a shuttle that takes the students to their rooms at Valley Forge but the shuttle runs on a schedule that doesn’t match up with some of the students’ schedules. If students are left to walk, they have to walk a long distance, sometimes in the dark.

I do not think this is fair, considering that one of the benefits of going to Cabrini is the small campus and short distances between buildings. The students residing at Valley Forge obviously don’t reap this benefit.

I feel that Cabrini needs to put a better limit on the amount of students they are accepting. It is wonderful that more and more people want to come here, but every student should be able to benefit equally on Cabrini campus. Until this is made possible, I believe Cabrini should accept the amount of students that this campus can accommodate.

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Brittany Liberatore

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