Cabrini’s PAC hopes

By Patricia J. Sheehan
October 21, 2005

So what are the Pennsylvania Athletic Conference championships that everyone is always buzzing about? It’s a well-known fact that Cabrini has won many over the years; 50 wins over 13 years to be exact.

Cabrini has been wrapping up PAC champs ever since the conference was established in 1992. It was created for the small, private schools around eastern Pennsylvania, and Cabrini had made a prominent name for itself just in the second year of establishment.

Jeffery Falardeau, assistant director of athletics for Cabrini, gave some insight on the PAC champs and what they really mean to sports at the school.

“It consists of 12 full-time members and two associate members. Say men’s soccer wins the PAC championships. They get the automatic bid to the NCAA tournament,” Falardeau said.

The PAC believes that students who play in intercollegiate athletics schools like Cabrini are playing for the love of the sport. The conference also believes that these students get a further educational experience from their participation.

The PAC President’s Cup Winners awards the overall athletic department for who wins for the men’s side or who wins overall for the men’s side. Cabrini has won the PAC President’s Cup nine times since 1994.

Former athletic director John Dzik was one of the original founders of the PAC. By 2003, under Dzik’s leadership, Cabrini had won twice as many PAC titles as any other school in the conference.

“If you think about it, over 10 years, we’ve shared it almost every single year, and I think that’s something the school should be very proud about,” Falardeau said.

Cabrini has hired Elliot Tannenbaum as the new sports information director. He is in charge of the marketing scene for Cabrini athletics. It is up to Tannenbaum to get the word out about sports at Cabrini. He also keeps up the athletic program’s website.

“The coaches are really amazing I don’t know how they do it. For them to work full-time jobs and have families and then to come in and coach these teams and I see how the kids really respond to them. It’s just a great thing to be a part of it,” Falardeau said.

Falardeau thinks that women’s tennis has a good shot for the PAC win this fall; they are currently undefeated. Also, women’s volleyball has stood out for being such a young team.

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Patricia J. Sheehan

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