Cabrini’s housing lottery

By Melissa Steven and Nina Scimen
February 24, 2005

Harold William Halbert

College is about the experience–by Melissa Steven

Going to college is one of the best experiences someone could ever have. Getting to live on your own with friends creates memories that last forever. Most of the people that you meet in college stay in your life after you graduate, unlike friends from high school. Living on campus is how you get to meet these new life-long friends, but not everyone gets the opportunity to live at Cabrini.

I am sophomore, but I have never lived on campus. Living at home does have its advantages, but the college experience is just not the same. I want to move onto campus in my junior year, but what scares me is that I am not guaranteed housing. I only live 15 minutes from school, but I think everyone should get to experience what it is like living on campus. It would be fun to live down the hall from your friends and become independent from your parents, so why can’t everyone get a chance to that?

I know there are people who come from very far away to go to school and they deserve housing also. What I am saying is that people who have never lived on campus before should be allowed to live here and not have to be put on a waiting list. Once you’re on the waiting list, you have to postpone making alternate living arrangements, like finding an apartment to live in if you get denied. So you get stuck just waiting to find out where you are suppose to live next year.

I want to have the advantage of waking up 20 minutes before my class and not have to worry about being late. I do not want to worry about what I should do to waste time in between classes or wasting money on gas going back and forth from school. I want to have the benefit of being able to go back to my room when I have nothing else to do instead of sitting in Jazzman’s Caf

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Melissa Steven and Nina Scimen

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