Cabrini’s ‘cleaning out’

By Katherine E. Bartosik
March 11, 2005

Cabrini College was my home away from home from 1998-2002. In those four years I received a valuable education, became involved in all that Cabrini had to offer, grew as a person and made friendships that will last forever. It became clear to me that was all about the people that I had met along the way. After graduation I accepted a position as agent for my class. I accepted this because I wanted to keep my fellow Alum involved in Cabrini even though we had graduated. I accepted this because I wanted to work with other Alum as ambassadors for the College. I accepted this because I wanted to get to know the administration a little better and give something back.

As a student at Cabrini, my class, as well as the other classes during that time, saw some interesting changes; a “cleaning out” of the Student Development Office Staff in the Summer of 1999, housing policies, new VPs of Student Development and Residence Life and the firing of John DiMucci, former Campus Minister. While all of these changes were tough to get used to, especially the latter, we moved on as a class and continued living our lives with our friends, our faculty and staff, who we came to know and respect. Yes, we were upset at these changes and felt that the administration did not care for its students or its staff, but we looked to Mother Cabrini and gained the courage and perseverance to move on and accept these changes, thinking that change is good and that maybe, in the long run, it would be the best for our College. While we did continue, we were never given any solid answers from our President. Actually, in our four years there we became used to the phrase, “the College/President has no comment at this time”

Now, another change has come upon us with the reality that Coach John Dzik will not be allowed back. The College wants everyone to give back. The College wants its students and staff to remember what Cabrini is all about: Education of the Heart and the Core Values. Here is a man who always gave back to Cabrini, and most importantly, LOVED to do it. Whether it was from working in admissions to recruiting student athletes, Coach Dzik brought students to Cabrini. Not only that, but he counseled them as well. He became involved in athletics after starting at Cabrini and served there for a long time, but that didn’t stop others who weren’t involved in athletics to seek his help or advice. He and his wife assisted students by taking some of them into their home. He unselfishly stepped down so that his colleague would get the opportunity that she had been waiting for – and he wanted to make sure she stayed at Cabrini because she was a valuable asset to the College.

The President is always talking about making this College bigger and better; give more and more money so that we can renovate buildings, build new ones, create opportunities for the students in need of financial assistance. John Dzik has made and continues to make Cabrini better. His legacy at Cabrini is bigger than any new building or renovation, or any amount of money given. He alone created opportunities for so many. And yet, how does he get treated after so many years of devout service to the College? What I want to know is did the administration not think about the ramifications of this action? They obviously don’t know the students or staff at all. How many athletic events did President Iadorola attend during Coach Dzik’s time here at Cabrini? And yes I know there are two sides to every story. I don’t believe it in this case. If so, then why doesn’t the President or the College comment? It’s hard to listen to both sides when one side won’t speak up – the faculty, staff, students, Alum and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Coach Dzik deserve some kind of explanation. That is not respect. That is not what Mother Cabrini and Mother Ursula taught and lived.

One of my responsibilities as Class Agent is to keep correspondence to my fellow Alum of the Class of 2002 and ask them to give something back financially. I have been doing some soul searching. It would be very hypocritical of me to feel the way that I do and then ask them for money for the College. I can no longer do that since I, myself, won’t be giving any money to the College, at least not while President Iadorola continues to treat her employees the way that she does. Mother Cabrini and Mother Ursula taught me that. I’ve seen too much of that through the years. I came to know Dr. Iadorola through my involvement at Cabrini: SGA, Campus Ministry, the academic convocations and being Class Agent. Yes, she has done so much for the College, the appearance and the statistics. Well, statistics are just numbers and it’s not all about appearance; it’s what’s inside that counts. I’ve ignored her mistreatment and disrespect of her staff long enough. Because of this, I too feel disrespected and mistreated. It is therefore my wish to resign my position as Class Agent for the Class of 2002. I have enjoyed working with the members of the Alumni Office and I am sure that all of you are in a very tough position because of these recent events. Please do not take this personally. I want you to know that I respect what you do and how you keep the College going. I wish you the best in your duties to Cabrini. You are a credit to the College. Cabrini will always be a part of me and I know it will always be there for me. I received a wonderful education, took advantage at what Cabrini had to offer, grew as a person and made friendships that will last forever. It was all about the people that I met along the way.


Katherine E. Bartosik,


Class of 2002

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Katherine E. Bartosik

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