Cabrini’s student government association opens up about their organization

By Victoria Giordano
May 9, 2022

A slogan of the SGA. Photo was taken from the SGA's Facebook page.
A slogan of the SGA. Photo was taken from the SGA's Facebook page.

Students have become unaware of who to turn to when it comes to getting involved on campus and attending on-campus events. What they don’t know is they can turn to the student government association for these types of information.

The student government association (SGA), is “a collection of students on campus,” Andrew Carango, senior president of SGA, said. “It’s a place where students can come, gather, be a voice and advocate for themselves.”

A photo of the SGA. Photo taken from Cabrini’s Student Government Association page.

Carango explained how this student-body organization is in charge of communicating with Cabrini’s students, faculty and staff about their thoughts and concerns regarding campus life. He also said they’re in charge of setting up and coordinating club events on campus to bring Cabrini’s community together. Most of all, SGA stays in close contact with Public Safety to make sure areas on and around campus are safe for students to venture into.

“I would say we’re like the official leadings between Cabrini administration and between students,” Emily Neiman, senior vice president of SGA, said. “There’s a lot of stuff we do as SGA and there are some expectations Cabrini administration has; like we have an SGA representation on the academic advisory board and all these different things because they want student voices.”

According to Neiman, the first step for students to join SGA is to become a senator.

“In being a senator, students will serve on one or two committees, such as the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee and one that is Public Relations,” Neiman said. One of the committees is a funding committee in regards to the distribution of SGA’s funds, clubs and organizations, along with a couple of different other ones.

“It’s to bring student concerns to our attention,” Neiman said. “As SGA, we decide if this is something we can address and work with the administration on.”

Carango also said that all of the senate meetings are open to any student and faculty member.

“You can come, you can just sit and listen, you can voice your concerns, and that’s an amazing jumping point to get students involved,” Carango said.

The organization is “hidden from the public eye and we’ve been doing a lot of structural changes to change that and set us up for a newer and better year,” Neiman said. “We do so much and the Cabrini administration expects us to show up in different places. We would lose more of a formalized student voice on campus.”

What students and faculty don’t know is that the Cabrini administration goes to SGA for problem-solving and other concerns regarding the campus.

A slogan of the SGA. Photo was taken from the SGA’s Facebook page.

Carango added how there are newer projects on the way, such as a recycling effort that is being formed for move-out and to organize recycling overall.

“The people organizing reach out to SGA for help, for advice, for volunteers and to get that message out to as many people as possible,” Carango said.

“If there are things happening on Cabrini that you don’t like, talk to your friends, talk to other students, talk to faculty,” Neiman said. “SGA is that opportunity for you to bring up these concerns and do something about it. It gives you that chance to be a leader.”

Admissions are open all year long. If you have interests, contact members of the SGA and sign up.

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Victoria Giordano

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