Cabrini’s hosts first undergraduate student art exhibit open to all students

By Leonard Brock
November 10, 2014

Artists and the people who love to admire art were amazed, happy and eyes were keen as they looked at artwork displayed on the walls. On the evening of Nov. 6, Holy Spirit library’s second floor lights shined on these various types of art pieces at the first student art exhibit open to all majors.

Sophomore Alissa Olives was one of the students that really enjoyed the exhibit.

“All of the art pieces caught my eye in a different way, some pieces had eye catching colors, some pieces just made you want to stare at it for a long time and some pieces were actually kind of scary to look at it, but I mean that in a good way.”

“It was surprising to me how good the artwork was because I had no idea how artistic students are at Cabrini were since the school has a lot of focus on sports. It was nice to catch a glimpse of what a real art exhibit is and to see the amazing art work of my peers.”

Junior graphic design major Mike Cellucci made two pieces: The River and Temple in the Forest that can play tricks on your eyes. Seeing the texture in them you might make the mistake of thinking they are made of paint. Both pieces are three dimensionally rendered Images.

Cellucci created the artwork outside of his classes.

Gallery coordinator and graphic design & fine arts Professor Nicolas Jacques, who curated and came up with the idea for the exhibit, said, “about half of the artwork displayed was created inside of the classroom here at Cabrini while the rest was still created by our impressed with (by) the amount of work that was submitted. “I wished photographers had submitted their work. I know there are a lot on campus. Abstract art even would have been cool.”

Graphic design student Nick Platt wants clubs and students to collaborate and make different forms of art. You just never know who makes art. Professor Jacques plans to have it again. Continuing doing this can possibly push those that have in the back of their mind the thought of taking graphic design, and other art classes to take courses (digital imaging, computer graphics, Intro to Drawing and Painting). The artwork is on display until December 6th so you and friends can view them until then.


Leonard Brock

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