Cabrini’s CAP Board adds their own flavor to Family Feud

By Leonard Brock
September 17, 2013

Game Show Week this year was yet another example of students coming together being involved in campus activities.

On Saturday, Sept. 14, the Campus Activities and Programming (CAP) Board brought the classic game, Family Feud, to Cabrini’s campus. Family Feud ended CAP Board’s Game Show Week, a week of events that also included Don’t Forget the Lyrics and The Price is Right. “I think the event went really well and I thought attendance was great,” Jim Brooks, director of weekend programming said. “I’m very happy with the outcome of the event and it was fun for everyone!”

During Family Feud, there were teams of five people that faced each other in a friendly competition. These teams however did not have to be a family, but rather a group of five friends. The teams were asked trivia questions about Cabrini and played just like the game is played on T.V. These questions were questions about how much a credit cost at Cabrini, how much room and board is, and other questions that revolve around the campus. The answers to some of the questions gave historical, and present information about Cabrini and food tips for freshmen in any college.

“I made surveys on general and Cabrini trivia and handed them out to whoever would want to fill them out,” Brooks said. “Once I got to my target number of surveys, I tallied the answers to find the most frequent.”

It was clear to anyone who attended the event that the audience had a good time. Even when they weren’t competing, they reacted and tried to guess the right answers to the questions that were being asked.

“I think it went really well,” Nicole Lawlor, marketing chair, said. “The people that went seemed to have a great time.”

If this event is a sign to tell what’s to come for the future, then CAP Board has an exciting year set up for the students at Cabrini.


Students try to figure out the answer to  questions being asked.
Students try to figure out the answer to questions being asked.



Leonard Brock

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