Cabrini remembers September 11

By Amanda Carson
September 17, 2009

Shannon Keough

Many Cabrini students remember exactly where they were on Sept. 11, 2001.

“In English class.”

“In school, and called to an unannounced mass where told ‘We are amid a tragedy there have been many lost lives in our country today.'”

“In math class, seventh grade.”

“In Ms. McKey’s history class.”

“In first period with Mr. Wolf.”

They also remember the uncertainty and confusion.

“Mr. Wolf ran in and frantically turned the TV on,” Kimmel Schaefer, freshman English and psychology major, said.

“We went to this big hill in my town and saw the buildings crumble away,” Valerie Saar, a junior social work major, said. Saar lived just 15 minutes away.

“My English teacher ran in and told us that the Trade Towers had fell, we ran in her classroom and saw the TV,” Brian Churchey, junior history and political science major, said.

“There was this complete silence, we were just like ‘wow.'”

While many still remember that historic day, the Cabrini community sought to remember both its victims and heroes.

On Friday, Sept. 11 bell tolls were rung at 8:45 a.m. by Campus Ministry, as a reminder that many women and men had passed away eight years earlier.

A “Mass for Peace” was later celebrated at 12:30 p.m. in the Bruckmann Memorial Chapel of St. Joseph.

Displayed in the chapel was a memorial cloth that was filled with the names of lost loved ones and hope-filled messages.

The featured “Remembrance” cloth was just one of a couple Sept. 11 activities hosted by the Student Government Association.

SGA also flew flags around campus on the evening of Sept. 10 as a sign of honor.

Hosting Sept. 11 activities, however, was more than just an SGA-sponsored activity for one member.

“My sister worked right next to the Trade Center at the American Express building,” Maryellen Anastasio, junior class president, said.

“My mom pulled us out of class in case we had any inkling she didn’t survive. She wanted to be the one to tell us that my sister got out on a ferry.”

Anastasio’s sister gave her an idea for the campus.

“She actually gave me an idea to post the names of all the victims on the residence halls, so I did.”

Anastasio, along with other Area 3 RAs put lists up on West Residence Hall and the Apartment Complex.

The lists stayed posted for a few days.

A candlelight vigil held on the commons followed the 7 p.m. Mass on Sunday, Sept. 13 and served as a final reflection period for Cabrini.

Prayer intentions were offered for all those who were and still are affected by the Sept. 11 tragedy.

In response to the intentions, those attending replied “we remember.”

The Cabrini College community still does.

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Amanda Carson

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