Cabrini participates in the Great American Smokeout

By Justine DiFilippo
November 15, 2001

Maria Chambers

Nov. 15,2001 is the date of this year’s Great American Smokeout. This day began in 1977 by the American Cancer Society to get people to stop quitting. The idea of this day is to try and get smokers to quit even if it is only for one day. This day is always held on the third Thursday of November.

More people quit on this day then any other day of the year. During the 1993 Great American Smokeout, 2.4 million smokers quit, 6 million reduced the amount of cigarettes smoked that day, 10.7 million cigarettes were not smoked, resulting in $18.1 million not spent on cigarettes.

There are many good reasons for quitting and the effects happen almost immediately. After 20 minutes one’s blood pressure and pulse rate decreases to normal. After eight hours carbon monoxide levels in blood drop and oxygen levels elevate. After 24 hours chance of heart attack decreases. 48 hours food starts to taste and smell better and damaged nerve endings begin to regenerate. After 72 hours breathing is easier. After two weeks to three months coughing, congestion, fatigue and shortness of breath h decrease. One to nine months cilia regenerates in the lungs. After one year the risk of heart disease is half of when one smoked. As the years go on the body begins to improve, and though cancer is not totally wiped out the chances of developing cancer is less likely.

Cabrini is participating in the Great American Smoke out by holding a few events. This past Tuesday there was an adopt a smoker where non-smokers were matched with smokers trying to quit. Today in the Widener Center next to the food court they are handing out survival kits and take the SAT not the test you had to take to get to college but a Smoking Awareness Test. Students have a chance to win prizes.

Take this opportunity to better your body and try quitting for just one day. If you can make it through 24 hours you can make it forever.

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Justine DiFilippo

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