Cabrini math department welcomes new professor

By Jen Wozniak
February 19, 2009

Shannon Keough

Cabrini welcomed professor Stacy Beun into the college community this past August as a new assistant professor of mathematics.

Beun teaches a variety of math courses at Cabrini, including Modern College Mathematics II, Calculus I, Abstract Algebra and History of Math. The courses range from introductory math classes to upper level.

History of Math, which is taught online, is an unusual course. In addition to skills, students are able to learn the ideas behind why and how math was developed. It is a requirement for secondary education majors.

Dr. John Brown, chair of the math department, said that Beun “has a wide spectrum of classes,” and that she “relates well to all levels.”

“She has picked up very quickly what level to teach at?one that is not too high or low for the students,” Brown said.

Beun, who previously taught classes at North Carolina State University, said that her favorite part about Cabrini is the small class sizes and being in a smaller place. Class sizes at North Carolina ranged on average about 100 students.

“I like the small size and being able to interact more with students, it makes group problems easier,” Beun said. “I love working one-on-one with students, which wasn’t possible at North Carolina.”

Beun’s teaching style consists of a mixture of group problems where students can work together and problem solve, and lecturing, which allows for good note-taking.

“I like having a balance between interaction and lecture,” Beun said. She said it is good to incorporate both ways of teaching into the lessons because all students learn differently.

Beun has always had an interest in math, but didn’t decide to be a math professor until college.

“I really enjoyed my upper level mathematics courses, and I decided to pursue a graduate degree so that I could learn more math,” Beun said.

“I’ve always wanted to teach, and I was originally going to teach high school after college. Being a professor allowed me to both teach and become a mathematician, so it was a great choice for me.”

So far, Beun said that she likes Cabrini, the math department and her classes.

“She seems to be fitting in quite well with the department and faculty members,” Brown said of Beun. “We are very pleased that she came to Cabrini and are happy to have her here.”

Jill Fries, sophomore communication major and student of Beun, said that she enjoys having Beun as a teacher and that Beun improved her math scores.

“I took Math 114 in the fall semester with a horrible teacher and almost failed when I love math and usually understand it,” Fries said. “With Professor Beun it comes a lot easier. She is very helpful and patient.”

Beun has a bachelor of science in mathematics from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville and a master of science in mathematics as well as doctorate in mathematics, which she just completed in May, from North Carolina State University.

Beun recently moved to the area to teach at Cabrini, which is her first full-time position.

In her spare time, she enjoys reading, going to museums and playing with her two daughters. Her main goal right now includes having her Math 114, or Modern College Mathematics II, students become connected to math and to have them see math as exciting.

Jen Wozniak

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