Cabrini gaining athletes is not a problem

By Staff Writer
February 7, 2002

Cabrini College’s intercollegiate teams are classified as NCAA Division III, which means that Cabrini cannot give out sports scholarships.

NCAA Divisions I and II schools are able to offer money to prospective students in an attempt to lure them into that school. Perks can range from partial to full scholarships, which include the price of books, room and board.

The Division III philosophy creates an “all students are equal” atmosphere, placing academic skills and education as its top priorities.

According to Steve Colfer, admissions counselor and head men’s lacrosse team coach, Division III coaches need to be able to “wear different hats.” Schools like Cabrini cannot afford to hire full-time coaches.

A pamphlet put out by the admissions office states that Cabrini has won more Pennsylvania Athletic Conference titles than any of the other 36 colleges involved.

Cabrini recruiters have the advantage of the Dixon Center as a selling point. The relatively new facility is used to “enhance the athletic experience.”

Meanwhile, Colfer admits that attendance at Division III games is minimal. Colfer tells his team that they are “playing in front of a funeral crowd, which is friends and family.”

Colfer went on to talk about the importance of academics being equal to athletics. He explained how Proposition 48 guards against academic failures in sports.

Proposition 48 was passed in 1983 as part of the NCAA rules and regulations for mandated academics. It requires that student athletes maintain a GPA of at least 2.0 in at least 11 core courses. It also requires that students have a minimum SAT score of 700, or an ACT score of 17.

Most schools have compliance officers that they have to report to. Coaches are also forced to do self-reports and self-evaluations. They must turn in any athlete who plays while being ineligible.

Colfer says that Cabrini doesn’t really lose that many prospective students to its competitors like St. Joseph’s University and LaSalle University. He stresses that at Cabrini, academics is number one.

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Staff Writer

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